Missed the Call



Can some Illuminati agent that has not yet connected take a screenshot of Kristen Geary call for “unlocking” the agent system? I had a problem and didn’t get to read the text message.

Thanks in advance


It’s a problem with the game’s SMS system. You can’t always read the texts. You can @Glaucon and ask for a fix.


EDIT: Right after my initial response, in the in-game chat Peloprata confirmed my “noob” theory for Geary’s text and posted the texts from all 3 faction handlers. So, thanks Peloprata for these:

Illuminati: Congratulations, you’re not such a noob. That means you get your very own noob. Prepare to be noobed."

Dragon: Your graivty grows. You pull other bodies into orbit. We grant you an agent

Templar: With great responsibility comes, well, mid-management power. I’m giving you an asset.


Thank you so much!

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