Received cell phone message randomly

On the 24th of Aug, I received a cell phone message while in New Dawn. Not sure if it was mission related as I was doing the regular side missions for points. I stopped in between the huts catercorner to the preaching center to the East (I believe it was) and my sound was down low during my youngest nap time. I followed up with my Agents listing, faction zone, Agartha for any signs of changes or other missions but nothing changed.

I did hear a female voice in the back ground but real short when I was turning up the volume.

Had anyone else received a message like this recently, or is this something that has been happening randomly? Additionally, there was no caption during the call as with the other messages.

Thanks For reading.

[ Mod action: Moved to Bug Reports ]

Are you a Dragon? Are you sure you didn’t just faction rank up?

Yep Dragon, but no level up? Already at top rank, just a random call that popped up.