Collector's Edition help

Hello guys, I had a quick question about the Collector’s Edition as well. So, I purchased it yesterday and I claimed everything successfully.

HOWEVER, I cannot add the agent to my agent list. Every time I double click the icon, it says I have to be Faction Rank 3 and level 15 (which I am). Logging out and in and reclaiming the items have not worked.

Anyone else having this problem or know of a fix? Thanks for any information!

Has your agents UI been activated by reading the tutorial SMS and claiming the free Faction Recruit agent?

Hi Aeryl,

Yes, when I reached level 15, I received the text and free recruit. I unlocked that free faction recruit with no issues and currently have her in my agent list.

When trying to do the same with the agent from the Collector’s Edition, it keeps saying I need to be Faction Rank 3 (level 15) which I am. No luck after multiple logins and I even reclaimed the agent through the delivered items and it still won’t redeem.

In that case you should probably request help from a GM using /petition.

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Yeah, I’ve submitted a ticket to them and am awaiting a response. Thanks for trying to help : )

That’s an odd problem, but I think a GM can help! Please make a petition in the game using the command /petition. A GM should be able to fix this for you pretty quickly.

Out of curiosity, did you actually send the Faction Recruit out on a mission yet?

You can’t add another agent to your roster until you’ve done so.

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