Agent Not Leveling Up (Exp Not Applying)


I’ve noticed that my Agent is not gaining levels since I go it. I’ve had multiple successful missions with it and have noticed it showing it having leveled to level 2 at the end of a mission, only to still show as level 1 when checking afterwards on at least two occasions since I got it.

It’s like as soon as it tries to apply the exp, it doesn’t “stick” and reverts back to original exp level, and has been stuck on like one-third of the exp bar filled since after its first successful mission and just won’t gain any more.

Between this and the ridiculously rare chance to get any extra Agents from missions, the whole Agent thing is starting to seem just more trouble than its worth…certainly no added enjoyment for me…just added frustration lol Anyone else ran into this issue? (or even better, a fix?)



I’ve been experiencing this issue with one agent consistently, Aurélie.

I’ve run close to a half dozen missions with her and she is still half-way into level 1.


My problem Agent is the one given to you at the start, named simply “Faction Recruit” (As I’ve yet to get an additional Agent to drop on any of my multiple tries on the SC missions with a chance to drop one)


I don’t know exactly what triggers it, but I’ve had it a fair number of times too.

What seems to help me is to make absolute 100% sure I open the UI and turn in the mission all in one shot. If I open the UI and close it without turning in the mission (for example because the game crashed on hitting P) there’s good odds I won’t get the exp.

As such things that stop the UI from crashing are critical - see threads about those - what works for me is finding somewhere secluded and giving it a minute to stop thinking about things before I try to pop it open. You can practice this when you don’t have a mission ready to turn in, get used to what works or doesn’t.

One sure sign of a mission that’s gonna refuse to give you xp is if the result doesn’t match the agent’s attitude - for example, a “complete” (the worst result) with a cheerful message.

At the moment I’m 4986 xp below where I’d be if every mission I’d turned in had given me exp so I’m really hoping when they fix it they can use logs to correct the totals.


This doesn’t actually help unfortunately.

I’ve been having the same issue and I suspect it might just be down to lag because a lot of other things are a bit janky lately. Hopefully today’s hotfix might alleviate the problem somewhat.


I got the same issue and it ■■■■■■ me off no end. Leveling up is kind of the deal, and it happens to all my agents that they don’t get xp from missions much of the time. Seem to happen mostly with Liam, which fail to get xp 2/3 of the time. When it is like this, the agent system is just a waste of time for me, won’t bother till they fix if I can’t level my agents.


Last night after posting here, I decided to do a 15 minute mission for the hell of it regardless of the reported affinity rating to the agent (all the other missions available were 1-4 hour ones, some with higher affinity) and hung around in game till completion, and after the mission was done (successfully) the experience actually applied to the Agent (not enough to level her, but enough to move the exp bar up and stay there)

Right afterward, I just chose the highest affinity mission for her that was available (it was a 4-hour mission I think) then logged out and went to bed. Just now after launching and letting the patcher update the game, I checked and this time, after the (successful) mission completion, the exp actually applied and she FINALLY hit level 2!

Did they fix the issue in that patch this morning, or did I just get randomly lucky I wonder?


The did not fix the issue, just turned in 3 agent missions, 1 gave xp and all had affinity for the mission.

FC coding at it’s “best”.


Have you relogged and checked the agents’ info again? We’re aware of an issue where the UI is updating irregularly when your Agent is supposed to level but currently haven’t identified a case where agents are flat-out not gaining XP. In cases we’ve seen so far, relogging helps. Please let us know.


Mine is absolutely, no question, not gaining XP. I’m keeping meticulous track of every mission reward amount and they do not add up.

Like I said, for me it happens any time I crash opening the UI with a complete mission in it. Which has happened on every 8 hour mission so far.

Before completing (like I said, key feature: mismatched ‘complete’ and agent happiness)
After completing (conveniently I got the achievement for hitting level 13)
After logging out and back in again (still level 12)


Alright, thanks. I’ve sent this off for review.


Same here, relogging absolutely does not help. I received xp from 4 of the last 10 turnins. My UI don’t have any issues apparently and it happens on all types of missions. I hope they can review this fast and fix the issue… I spent money aka aurum enough and get a feature that is broken. Not happy.


Just gonna copy-quote what I posted in another thread. Didn’t realize it was a bug-type thing so didn’t check here first.

"I’ve had a weird experience with 2 accounts, both F2P, same level, in SC, doing the same missions. They both started Agent missions on the same day (I run one account, then the other), have run roughly the same missions (a 15 minute one followed by the longest one I can get that has >45% affinity) and gotten similar rewards (mostly a couple distillates a day, most of which I throw away because they are worth less XP than a 1-pip).

I just completed my sessions for the day, looked at agents… the first agent is level 1. The second agent is level 6.

I have not tracked mission successes vs failures, but my feeling is that they have both had a similar failed/succeeded record.

Maybe worth nothing that the level 1 agent is on the account I run first every day, and that account nearly always crashes the first time or two I open the Agent window each day. The 2nd account has only crashed once on opening agent window."


Bah, looks like I was wrong. I FINALLY got a named Agent drop from a mission (Thomas Grady) and ran the shortest mission with the highest affinity that was available (1 hour I believe) which had I think around seven or eight hundred and something exp reward or so.

After the mission completed (successfully) it showed his exp bar filled almost all the way in results window (not enough to level but close) and after I clicked Accept, and checked his status, it still showed him with NO exp on his experience bar, like he’d never ran a mission.

I sent him on a then available 15 minute mission and logged out to go run some errands, and when I logged back in and checked just now, just like my Faction Recruit, the mission exp actually registered and applied for the 15 minute mission (showing around 1/5 - 1/4 the exp bar filled).

This tells me its not an issue of the interface updating in this case (logging out and back in didn’t add that previous mission’s exp) and also makes me wonder if the fact that when I’ve paid attention when this has happened its always been on longer than 15 minute missions is a factor, or if it’s random and that just happens to be when I’ve noticed and not the only time it happens.

Either way, this is definitely (still) an issue.


The crash does not seem to be required, closing the window without turning in all the missions may be enough: I was checking an earlier screenshot of the bug (it had crashed when I tried to open the window if I recall) to verify that it had the mismatched “Yay! I Failed” text and see if agent XP had been updated after logout, and inadvertently closed the agent window (thank you alt-tab). I didn’t grab a screenshot from before I closed the window to compare against, but the bug did occur when I reopened it. In both cases, mismatched text and no xp.

All my agents are busy on longer term missions at the moment, but when they get back (and after I’ve hopefully banked that XP) I’ll toss them on some 15min runs to confirm reproduction and see if anything seems to fix it now that I know how to identify it in advance.


Hmm, interesting. I ran a longer mission on Thomas again and got the same thing on completion (No exp applied though completion status said he earned enough exp to hit level 2) but I didn’t have a second mission completed to turn in as my other Agent was still on their mission, so I’m not sure if having other completed missions not accepted and turned in before closing the window out is an issue (or at least, not the only cause of this problem)


Unless it crosses characters that’s not the root cause, as I’ve only got the recruit on each of my bees. I am also certain it can happen on 15 min missions (the two missions I have screenshots of are The Rogue and Hexed).

Managed to get a nice long run of crashes on my Templar, probably a Lumie plot. Unfortunately no new leads: My usual workaround for these sorts of things, logging out without claiming the reward, didn’t seem to help. I was also unable to reproduce the single instance of having the bug without the crash, so not sure how that happened.


So far I haven’t received XP from the missions that I started before a patch and claimed after it. I think the rest of the time it worked.


I can absolutely confirm its not gaining exp on occasion. The few times I noticed this were when I received achievements (10 bonus rewards attained, 1st critical success) and my exp bar did not move at all.

It would help a great deal if the experience bar had actual values on them (mouseover tooltips?) rather than being totally blank and relying on blind faith that it moves.

Barring that, more trackable indicators (chat log/new chat category) for agents would also be pretty great.


Just a follow-up on my ‘Agent is still level 1 after 3 days’ post. As I just posted in the ‘Agent Window crash’ thread, this morning I did a move to quiet spot, /reloadui, Ctrl-Z combo before hitting P, hit P, no crash. Ctrl-Z to get my UI back, Agent window was open, Accepted the mission turn-in, poof, Agent went to level 3. So successfully not-crashing on opening the Agent window for the first time of the day (when the long, high-XP mission turn-in is available) worked for actually receiving the mission XP, at least in this case.