Agent Leveling [#s]

So far I’ve observed that level 1 agents require 1000 xp to level up, and you get ~12 xp per minute for missions.

Anyone know how much xp higher leveled agents need?

something else we need to consider is how much xp higher level missions will give as well.

Annoyingly the summary view doesn’t say how long missions will take and the talking heads covered important parts of the ui so the stream only reveals a couple

  • 8 hours, 3072 xp (6xp/min) -> the purple higher level mission
  • 4 hours, 1200 xp (5xp/min) -> special purple mission
  • 1 hour, 800 xp (13xp/min) -> green 15

Current missions I personally have

  • 4 hours, 864 xp (3.6xp/min) -> green 10
  • 1 hour, 720 xp (12xp/min) -> green 10
  • 4 hours, 960 xp (4xp/min) -> green 15
  • 8 hours, 1536 xp (3.2xp/min) -> green 20
  • 4 hours, 1152 xp (4.8xp/min) -> green 20
  • 4 hours, 1200 xp (5xp/min) -> special purple 1

Also my agent leveled up. Level 2 appears to be on the order of 1300 xp.

First order fit says it’s 600xp for a 1 hour 0 stat mission,+60 xp per 5 stats. 4 hour missions 20% higher than 1 hour, 8 hour missions 60% higher. Special missions giving double what they should cause they’re a once a week s0 thing.


Currently I have

  • 15m, 180xp
  • 1h, 920xp
  • 4h, 1152xp
  • 4h, 852xp
  • 8h, 1536xp

Which to me is a bit odd. doing two 4 hour missions would net me well over 2k exp at that rate (versus 8h, 1500ish), while doing four 15m missions would be 720 exp (versus 1h, 900ish).

I don’t know how to calculate the exp per minute of those but, items rewards aside, it feels like doing smaller duration missions it much better for experience gain. Am I wrong?

I’m sure someone will figure out the exact calculations eventually but it seems like some weird balancing going on (plus the whole fatigue thing) with some random ranges that really don’t make any sense (to me).

for the record I’m now thinking it’s 1000 xp to level up at every level (so far, agent is lv.5) and the progress bar’s length is slightly off. Remains to be seen if it spikes at the same time as harder missions unlock, as I currently only have 1 page worth.

At level 4 I got a mission completion worth exactly 1000 (800xp & successful = 1000) and it moved from lv.4 at 31% of the progress bar to lv.5 at 31% of the progress bar, pixel identical.

If the whole bar was 118 pixels wide instead of 114 then it’d match up with all my measurements instead of just that one, so I think it’s just got 4 secret pixels (probably 2 at each end, maybe the 96-100% area being ‘greyed out’ wrong)

The other point is, missions have 3 completion status

  • complete = 100% of reward (15min = 180 xp)
  • successful = 125% of reward (15min = 225 xp)
  • outstanding = 150% of reward (15min = 270 xp)

So the listed xp is the bare minimum.

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I think it wise that shorter missions are better xp. It means we are interacting with the system more. An 8 hour mission we can set before going to work and it’ll be done when we get home. One input in an 8 hour span. However if we do a bunch of 15 minute missions that is 4 interactions per hour. It should be higher reward per time if we interact with it more.


Exception made of 15 min missions which are apparently less XP efficient than 1h missions. It kinda makes sense since staying logged for 15min to start one 15min mission, and after that, start another mission is easier than staying logged for a whole hour (or come back after 1h), start a 1h mission, let it finish then start another one.

I’ve found I have 2 slots with 15 min or 1 hour missions, and 3 slots with 4-8 hour missions, so I don’t always have a choice of mission length. Other than that I think 1 hour ones are the way to go.

I’ve had a weird experience with 2 accounts, both F2P, same level, in SC, doing the same missions. They both started Agent missions on the same day (I run one account, then the other), have run roughly the same missions (a 15 minute one followed by the longest one I can get that has >45% affinity) and gotten similar rewards (mostly a couple distillates a day, most of which I throw away because they are worth less XP than a 1-pip).

I just completed my sessions for the day, looked at agents… the first agent is level 1. The second agent is level 6.

I have not tracked mission successes vs failures, but my feeling is that they have both had a similar failed/succeeded record.

Maybe worth nothing that the level 1 agent is on the account I run first every day, and that account nearly always crashes the first time or two I open the Agent window each day. The 2nd account has only crashed once on opening agent window.

Yeah, if the game crashes while you have a mission to turn in, you seem to lose that mission’s xp unfortunately. It’s so predictable that I’ve made screenshots of it happening to me multiple times in the bug reports forum.

If I’m not mistaken it goes from 1000 xp in 0-12 to 1500 xp in level 13? But that’s sorta conjecture cause I “completed” a 1600 xp mission at level 12 and it got slightly farther into level 13. Will need to do more measurements.

That would explain what happened to me earlier today. I had the xp loss situation you describe when the agent was about to go from 24 to 25. The server still went ahead with it and granted me the achievement despite not actually leveling the agent. So I was left with an agent support slot without an agent that could use it. Other players have reported a similar issue at the level 13 threshold, where they unlocked tier 2 missions but the agent remained sub-13.

So it’s a really bizarre bug, defying causality.

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