Agent Cooldown (red) gets larger


Well…title says all. A agent of mine came back red with barely over 8 hours CD, next time I looked it was 8:40…now it’s 8:50. Somethings not right here.


Timer ticks down normally, not sure when the addition of time happens. Maybe on logging out?


I am having the same issue. My timer goes up every time I complete a mission or a do a scenario. I certainly hope it is a bug, because otherwise you have to stay logged out of the game and not play at all for 8 hrs or more. That’s insane and can’t be what they intended.

Also, I was only doing 15 minute agent missions. Why should my agent be incapacitated/penalized for 8+ hours?


A. The issue seems to be purely visual but I want another confirmation/official statement before I am fully relieved.
B.Already suggested/pointed that out somewhere. For now I leave it at that and will probably collect ideas/suggestions to bundle them up after the agent system is a few day in.


If it is just a visual issue then how the heck are you ever suppose to know the correct amount of marks of favor you have to pay to remove the incapacitated from your character. Now granted I for one am not going to ever pay 7500+ marks of favor to reset it but it is still a very bad bug that needs to be corrected.


It probably will, currently the devs are probably just happy that the system doesn’t go up in flames.

In-game explanation on skulled agents would be great

Same here. I found it silly to get a brand new system in the game and immediately send her off on an 8 hour mission. So I’d been doing the 15 minute ones (8 of them), did the 4 hour weekly special and one 1 hour mission. After returning from her latest 15m one, BAM :skull: for 8+ hours.

Maybe I shouldn’t interact with the system at all beyond 1 8 hour mission a day and not open the window more than once upon logging in. Great immersion, I reckon KG feels the same about me though.


so having mission with 4 - 8h with bad rewards wasn’t enough …


Just ran into this myself… Agent was 1 hr away from being available, ran several main missions, turned them in and Agent is back to 9 + hours…

Edit - More main missions completed and timer keeps adding on, still at 9.5 hrs approx…


We are looking into this issue now. Thank you for the report.


Just noticed that “Recovery Cost” for Agent now reads zero, thanks for that, she is back to work :sunglasses:

Edit - Cabal member confirms same for theirs… cost is zero now…
thanks again !


We’re temporarily removing the cost of recovery until we can get a proper fix for this issue in. In the meantime, have fun :slight_smile:


I had multiple sounds I guess of failing agents with 1 my alt and suddenly when I instantly after that relogged to check - all my agents for all alts are crushed - those who were 2-3 hours left are now 8-10 hours and I have only 1 alt running a mission.
It was now - was during a story dungeon.
I’m so glad there is temporary solution to that already - not that I would mind those rewards, but really I wouldn’t feel good about it.


To me it does not sound improbable that an agent completes a mission but is incapacitated.

Haven’t you ever overdone yourself, completed the task at hand and then just crashed on your couch and wished for a night of sleep ? :slight_smile: