Fatigue not applying

So this was fun. Today my lone agent on an alt became fatigued. Very sad. I went to check how much MOF I needed to pay to make her feel better and about 60 seconds later the agent was available again. She had just over 8 hours left to recovert and I hadn’t spent MOFs or clicked a button.

I mean, I’m not complaining, I hate the fatigue system. But if it’s going to be there it may as well work properly.

I had it disappear right now. So there seems to be something up. I tell the devsabout it if I catch them since this seems like something “higher” priority.

There seems to be some sort of timer reduction going on serverside. Logged in this morning and found an agent who should have been recovering (according to my Clockwatcher mod) standing around looking for orders. Figured it might be a bug in the mod’s data interpretation, so I let it slide.

Had another agent end up with a 10h incapacitation timer, confirmed to match between the ingame UI and Clockwatcher. Then I logged out. Three and a half hours later I logged in that character and noticed the agent’s in-game timer is down to 3h15m, rather than the 6h30m expected.