13.5 hours of fatigue?

Is this a bug? 13 1/2 hours instead of 8 1/2 hours???

It at least got my attention!


There is a variance to the fatigue cooldown but this is the highest I ever saw…worst I had was 10 hours

I had a case with 11 hours and 50 minutes. I logged out to go to work and the agent was available again after work. I was offline for around 9 hours.
I have a similar case today where the cooldown was between 9 and 10 hours, but the agent will be available earlier. It’s 2 hours earlier than expected at the moment.
So I wouldn’t expect it to take 13 hours to get rid of the cooldown.

And yes, 13 hours is hard. Did the agent fail a high level mission?

She passed a Tier 2 mission, but is used continuously. I expected a fatigue, just not 13 1/2 hours - and she did serve all of it and come out of it normally.

I hope to never see fatigues this long again though - there’s no reason for that.

I was wondering about that, it seems when you’re offline the incapacitate length shortens???

I had one that was out for 10 hrs +/- earlier today, logged in it’s a bit over 8 hours - I wrote down the ending time to check it.

Gebbeth what tier mission was that?

It seems almost random. I had the timer jump down for me while logged in and playing. Later I had it jump down a bit while logged off for a short while. Later I logged off for a longer while and had only a small extra jump down in time.

There wasn’t any rhyme or reason for the timer changing like it was.

in fact “fatigue” is also an RNG thing and all I’ll say here is guess, but close to the facts.

after 8h missions in a row, you should see it coming.
but if one mission of 8 hours can give you one fatigue roll of dices, several missions multiply the risk.
and after some missions where RNG comes clean, you’ll pay the price at a moment.
depending on the time you were in fatigue before in the maths.
so may be one guy could come " hooo I got 24h of fatigue’

I’m beginning to think Incapacitation is not random, but fixed. I’ve been recording missions done and Fatigue Percents and in 81 missions done, ranging up to 50% Fatigue on mission completion, only 1 mission caused Incapacitation. That was the one time my Fatigue would have hit 50.xx%. All other missions, even ending with 49% Fatigue have not caused an Incapacitation. I will also note, in earlier tests, I have managed to see 50% that caused no Incapacitation, so it would seem that some part in the decimal value is the threshold.

More data is needed to really be sure I just haven’t been very lucky, so time will tell if this holds.

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I think my 13 1/2 hours of incapacitation is related to the particular Agent, Astrid Mikkelsen. Today she went under again for the first time after the 13 1/2 hour incapacitation, and her time was for 11 1/2 hours! :roll_eyes:
(sorry no screenshot this time).

Note that she’s only been incapacitated twice so far, as I’m using several (8) agents. None of my other agents have been above 10 or 10 1/2 hours at the most, usually 8 1/2 hours. I’ve reviewed all the dossier info and other sites’ agent info and nobody has said anything about Astrid sleeping late.

Anybody else using her notice longer naps on average?

no, this is not a bug.

I’ve noticed the time may depend on tier of mission which I was doing. As only T1 gave me something around 8.5h. But then it is simply possible it depends on fatigue they are getting over 50% (incapacitation limit).

Haven’t tested it further as my agents don’t get incapacitated that often anymore as I manage them not to. But 10-13h is normal time for anyone, especially when they fail the mission.

Astrid may only be the one because you send her to more missions :slight_smile:

But normally he is ok and when he is incapacitated it’s for standard time. This was some extreme, hard mission, super low chance, fail. So not sure what of that affects the time.

But 13h is not a bug that I’m sure of.

Interesting example, 16 1/2 hours really sucks. Thanks for posting that!

To some of your points, Astrid was successful on both of the missions and they were at least 70% chance of completion, probably Tier 2 and Tier 3, possibly both Tier 2 with Astrid at Levels between L25 and L30.
Secondly I do send her on more missions now, but not nearly as many missions as I sent Faction Recruit and Daniel Martinez on - and I never saw above 10 with them (my first two agents). Also, I am currently cycling between all 8 of my agents, so Astrid gets some rest periods. I am treating her slightly different than the others, as I’m trying to get her to L50 as soon as possible, but my priority right now is getting 500 missions, and I don’t use her for the 15 min and 1 hr popcorn missions I do throughout the day.

I agree with you that this is not a bug, but I wonder if it is entirely random. Petru is also pretty special. You said (this) is “normal time for anyone”, but I think some agents MAY have hidden characteristics that push the down time - consider that both Petru and Astrid benefit resources… Also consider Petru having longer than average mission times - it almost stands to reason he would sleep longer too.

I guess my next question is a) who else is taking long naps and b) are they also resource-benefit agents?

But yeah, probably not a bug or a one-time instance. Thanks again for all the info.

EDIT: Also, I think it may be alcohol related - that would explain why it’s not all the time, and particular to certain agents. This is not something I would expect to see noted in a dossier either, unless it was really a bad problem.