Is incapacitated considered a resting state?

What I’m wanting to know is, if I let my agent stay incapacitated for awhile, are they resting during that time? Can I be assured that if i put them on a mission immediately after they come off incapacitation (8 hours later) that their next mission (at 100%) won’t leave them incapacitated again? Or is incapacitation a sort of in-between state where they are not active but not resting and will need a rest after it completes? Has anyone played around with this today to find out?

I hypothesize that it is a forced resting state, and variance in incapacitation timers is due to the fatigue level prior to being incapacitated. I’ll see what I can do to verify that in a couple hours when my agent gets sprung from the drunk tank.

I am curious if there is a difference in recovery rate based on whether an agent is incapacitated or not while resting, but that may be difficult to verify if we can’t get a reliable fatigue monitor. Would be nice to understand if we should be actively avoiding being fatigued, or if it’s just something to mess with fitting the 8h missions in just before logging out.

I find the whole incapacitated WITHOUT a meter of some sort to indicated their fatigue really lame. Log in to see how an eight hour mission went (100% success) but now out for 10 hours or pay a fine to get them back to work?

And yes I do have other agents, so it’s not that any of the three slots are empty.

It’s just the poorly thought out and NOT explained the how’s and why’s FC implemented incapacitation, that I find annoying.

FTFY :grinning: Seriously, this system just has to go completely or has either the costs and or the timers drastically reduced. Something like “one hour” or “100 MoF1000 shards for the full duration”.

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Before this derails into yet another argument over whether it’s a worthwhile mechanic, an answer for the original question:
Agent got sprung conveniently soon after the agent ui tweaks mod added an experimental (and tentative) display of agent fatigue. Based on our best guesses of an unused (by the UI) and largely undocumented piece of API, they return to duty fully rested.


Thank you for your diligent research Peloprata. :star_struck: This mod you refer to seems pretty interesting as well.

Agent took a trip to Guatemala and hiked through the jungle to find the Fountain of Youth? They deserve a nap.

That’s exactly what we need. Some realism in this game. Realism while I shoot fireballs out of my hands at zombies in the afternoon and kill a giant tentacle beast in downtown Manhattan in the evening.