Collector's Edition?

Tomorrow is launch for Story/Season 2. Supposedly there is a Collector’s Edition (Massively OP article).

Is that going to be available at some point?

It should be available tomorrow with the patch. You must purchase it in-game (costs 19.99 USD).

Question is, how long will it be around?

We have no plans to make it a time-limited package.


Is the Collector’s Edition account-wide or per character?

It is account wide.


Definitely good to know I can use the items on my other characters.


Mostly is buying the CE the only way to get the agent, or can you get them from mission drops? If the only way to get the foil version of the agent, that’s acceptable (spending money to get the agent right then and there). If its the only way to get the agent period, its the Woodcutter mistake all over again.

Do you have plans to make it not nag us to death upon login?

I just close it, which makes all the confusion, rage and sadness quickly subside.