Collectors Editions are back - Massively op article

For those interested in some new info on DOTM:


I can’t wait!!! I’ll definitely be grabbing it!! I NEED that pet. That Collector’s Edition will be mine!

It looks like I was right about the pterosaurs! They ARE Kongamato!!!

Though I do wonder about whether or not the Story Missions will be repeatable like Kaidan’s or not. I certainly hope so!!

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I wasn’t sure after reading the article, is the collector edition content exclusive?

The only thing that isn’t a straight cosmetic item is the “exclusive foil agent” but maybe the regular version is obtainable in-game?

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$20 for the Collector’s Edition? Cash only? No exceptions? WTF is this? Does my lifetime account not even get a discount on those?

I get it, FC. You need money. Like, badly. But this just insures that a ton of people don’t buy it.


Hooray for Kongamato!
Hopefully we will not have to deal with a Popobawa who flew south for the winter…


But they may bring coconuts? - now that would be a mean sprint.

It should be. If I recall, earlier stories were not made repeatable simply because it was too much work to re-design them. Unlike Kaiden they are super long and had to be re-done from scratch to work as repeatables or something.

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That actually makes sense. I mean, the Solomon Island chain…

On original topic, once again, I don’t get it. If they were going to have CEs regardless, why didn’t they roll out Kaidan with CEs? Reusing those old TSW CE assets to maybe make a few extra dollars off new players (or those who never bought the CEs in the previous age) would’ve made just as much sense as this.

Or were they worried 19.99 for just cosmetics might seem too pricey to people? If so, how did that change?

If they had done such a money making exercise soon after the reboot using entirely re-used assets, I think a lot of people here would have cried foul. Attaching it to the re-launch of content we already had would have felt very cheap.

It would also either cut out existing players who transferred it or be asking existing players to buy a new CE ontop of the one they might have already had.

Now they’re onto new stuff with the Agent system and season 2, they are standing on far more solid ground in releasing this kind of stuff. I think they made the right call by holding off until now.

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it says in the othe rarticle that the agent is exclusive to the CE. That’s is neat at last some exclusive items!! /s

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Well, 19.99 is definitely too pricey for me. I have about 5k aurum in the bank but wont be able to spend it to buiy those cause, you know, it is money only. There must be too much aurum in the system already and they are worried nobody would pay actual money. Hm, anyhow that is pretty petty.

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SWL Kaidan CEs that gave the same vanity items as the corresponding TSW issue (and nothing else) at the same price would not have forced anyone to re-buy, but would’ve given those who never got the items before a chance at them.


What happened to the premise that you will be able to unlock/earn everything by playing the game and trading currencies?


The game became free to play and they didn’t want it to die.

There’s another screenshot a little further down that shows every item except the sparkly agent in a vendor window. Those might be recolors, but it wouldn’t surprise me too much if they weren’t.

If we’re starting with pterosaurus, next zone is Isla Nublar, confirmed.

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Thats my thought. If the agent is just a purple sparklepony version of an agent you can unlock then meh, whatever. If the only way to get the agent at all is spend $20 then REEEEEEEEEE.

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Yeah i’ll agree on this. They did say everything would be available without spending any real money (granted others need to sell you that money), so i’m a little miffed this is money only, and not an option through aurum. However as long as it is just cosmetic (including sparkly agent) then okay i guess. But if the agent is only available through the CE … thats not alright imo.

It’s not exactly true but even since the beginning, some cosmetic packs like they sell on steam for SWL are pack exclusives and not acquirable without spending real money.
So i’m not especially startled by this or surprised, it’s been that way since the start.