Oh Lydia, Darling

I wasn’t expecting you so soon. Thanks FC for listening, and throwing us a second. Am I the only one who really wants to meet some of these agents?


She likes rum and has dps boni. Do we need more…oh yeah…and possessed by her grandma. Who probably was badass.

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Also: If you have 3k+ Achievement Points, you can get her Special Agent “Foil” Portrait from the good Doctor in Agartha for only 1k Anima Shards :smiley: A nice touch I think.


I dream one day in a distant future we will see all agents as NPCs in game and at least there will be one quest dealing with something from their past.

In reality i know it will never happen, because it would require a lot of new NPC models and a lot of voice recordings.

EDIT: If they would release this as some kind of Agents stories packs. Even slightly overpriced I would buy them all asap :slight_smile:


Nobody buys sidestories! (Bought all the sidestories)


I know, but the name of the product was not the point :slight_smile:

I think if we give agents enough love and community fanart in form of 2d art, memes stories etc it would definitly become more viable. I already saw a maxwell chandler model.

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And she is a witch! Thank you Funcom :slight_smile:

The only thing her foil portrait does is add some sparkles around the edges. I kind of hope other agent “foil” drops have a bit more to them than just that, if we’re supposed to be excited about tracking them down.


They pretty much said straight up that the only thing special is that they are shiny. Which I’m fine with, it’s not like there is a huge price difference. They’re just shiny, like foil trading cards, they’re there for pride.

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I really, really want to kill her. And make her hurt beforehand. A lot.
#VeniceSewers #TheGirlIsGone

Note: It’s “bonus” (in Latin) or bonuses (in English). There is no such thing as “boni” in Latim.

Fortunately it’s a different Lydia. For on account I am right there with you.

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It was explained in the preview stream long before the agent system was even released that the foil versions were aesthetic only.

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Ah, indeed… just saw. Dang it.

But how do you KNOW she is a witch?


Well, it is not impossible that some of these agents are planned to show up in the main story at some point. I mean we’re only now getting payoff for the “New Jerusalem” line that has been in the game since 2012. Anything is possible and everything is true. :wink:

I know, but I thought it would be an actual visual change to the artwork of the themselves, not just a sparkly Instagram filter around the frame.

I am quite sure that (Phoenician Agent) Lydia is meant to be a future romantic love interest for our characters.

It’s really obvious from the way that she’s been written.

She’s like a Bond girl who will fall for our character and switch sides.

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No. Please, just no.

When I saw that, I suspected it also turns her into a Twilight fan, looking to sparkle with Edward.