New agents - Brann Mac Diarmada

If anybody is interested (or wants to steal this for the wikis), here is one of the new agents.

Lets hope he isn’t in the habit of making bad jokes about lighting striking frogs.

Anybody got other new ones?


Damage against Aquatic creatures… this is quite new and makes sesnse.
Thanks for sharing, @Theo.

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How did you get this agent? :unicorn:

It’s not a new one from occult defence/equinox event, but received this today as part of an event prize from last month. It’s a new agent dossier that will only be attainable through community events/prizes

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Damn lol scene that one linked on a discord a months ago. Been wondering where it came from.

It is from the new agent booster bags they’re selling. I got a stack of 5 just to investigate, he popped up on the 3rd.

Ah :woman_white_haired: I wonder if they drop from the scenario reward chest… Probably a given that they drop from the Equinox mission bags.

Those are some nice stats on that Jack Boone. Consider me jealous. Damn, had I only known community events were giving out agents. :bowing_woman:

I imagine there will be plenty of Halloween and Christmas community events coming up :grinning:

I must have missed that on discord :astonished: I was told part of my prize was something new coming this month, and kind of assumed it was cosmetics. Agent dossier was a nice surprise though

Yeah Was in WHO discord. Around the time the faction missions were released. Not sure where the data came from though

Ugh, but I’m barely motivated to do the normal events, I don’t want to be obligated to do community events!

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I bought a 10-pack and had two drop:


In retrospect it would’ve looked neater if I’d screenshotted the dossiers before making them agents, but meh.

Edit: Updated Laughing Jenny as I got the dossier again.


Oh, man. So the event was on Discord? I’m usually up on the community events but totally missed the memo for that one then.

Anyway, congrats!

Nope I just saw a link for the agent that was mentioned on discord a few months back.

New agents that can be obtained through the new scenario reward chests:
Brann Mac Diarmada
Amelia Bindings
Francis Rowan
Finn Mulligan
Nuala Magorian
Laughing Jenny

New agent from unknown source:
Lady of Mists

New agent that appears in the Equinox reward bag:
Fearghas Abernathy

New agents that are booster exclusive (like Che and Mehmet):
Sif Minervudottir

New agent that comes from an achievement:
Jerónimo de Montejo

All of the new agents (except possibly Jeronimo) seem to give attack rating and damage bonuses to a specific enemy type.


Didn’t Funcom once say back in the beginning that all agents would be obtainable in-game without having to buy boosters?

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Nope just that at the end of the day everything is obtainable without spending real money which in theory is always true with exchange

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I did notice this site lists both Che and Mehmet as dropping from missions too, should be updated if it is confirmed they can’t drop from missions (@Vomher):

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Funcom representatives have never confirmed or denied this as far as I know, since they are not obliged to.

The drop (unbound) versions of Che and Mehmet’s dossiers don’t exist in the game data. The five non-achievement SA agents (Mesilande, Wekesa, Dennis, Victor, Ann) have both bound and unbound versions. It’s the same situation with Lynch and Sif versus the other Stonehenge agents.

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