A Few Questions About the Agent Writing Contest

Since the post announcing the contest doesn’t allow replies, I figured I might as well make a thread for more of an in-depth discussion.

First off, it’s nice to see something new added around here. Is this what the launcher is referring to when mentioning “community events”? Are there any other events like this going on? I was thinking about doing something myself, but I haven’t mentioned anything yet and I doubt anyone at Funcom can read my mind (or would want to).

I like the idea of allowing the community to participate in the creative process, but I would like something cleared up. The announcement mentions that participants will receive the winning agents. That’s cool, but what about everyone else? Will these new agents be offered to the general public for free - through random drops or achievements - or only added to a future booster pack? Personally, I don’t feel right about contributing to any micro-transaction products. Others may feel differently, but I think it’s only fair to let people know about this before they decide whether or not they want to participate.

If anyone else has any questions or concerns feel free to add them here. Maybe someone with more inside knowledge will be able to address them.

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Where is this event announcement so I can read it?

Cunningly hidden in the “Announcements” section of the forum!

I see a hidden reply that I won’t click on… So I’ll wait for the OP.

There’s also the spooky screenshot contest which is being held across multiple platforms.

@Ceruleana It’s in the Announcements section. It’s a little weird that it didn’t get any more press than that one post. Apparently that post was put up a week ago, but I didn’t even know about it until someone mentioned it in passing on another thread. They really should have put a link to it on the launcher or maybe even a splash screen in-game.

@AWOL Thanks for the link. That’s first I’ve heard about the screenshot contest as I only ever check out the SWL forums. Honestly, I wonder how much Funcom actually wants people to join these contests. The promotion for them is worse than for the games themselves, and that’s saying a lot.

Yeah I’ve mentioned before they should add a board in Agartha for latest news… Like these contests… The customer service announcement and things like that. A lot of people thought what pops up on your screen is enough but that stuff never tells you everything going on.

The announcement only went public like 2 days ago…however the post was created privately before that.
Kinda a way to get everything set up before the release date of contests and events.

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I think the question of how much to put on the launcher is a tricky one. Ideally you want enough to drive people to get more info, but not so much that you end up pushing bits off screen. The in-game stuff is also limited, as the primary drive will always be to push us towards the paid stuff, which atm is the Freemason agents and Epic Cache Keys. Given that there’s normally an influx of returning players for the event, they’ll want to keep those front and center to maximise the number of people buying.

I’ve seen stuff about the agent competition on reddit, discord, the forums, facebook and twitter, though the spooky screenshot stuff was only prominently mentioned on facebook and twitter. I can understand avoiding spam in-game because of the ol’ immersion-breaking argument, but it’s interesting to see that the community has gotten worse at shouting about the interesting stuff - it’s been days! :stuck_out_tongue:

I asked on stream and it seems it is at the current time still undetermined…not the answer one expects&wants but the best answer we probably get/can pry from their hands

Considering Mallgartha, for SWL, that argument holds noticeably less water than a sieve. It would be a fun something to actually post on the daily spam because we can pop-up…

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I don’t really see how Mallgartha breaks immersion tbh. If there were such a place as agartha then it’d make sense to have traders there - it’s the global hub. It makes sense to have locations that see heavy traffic actually reflect that. It also makes more sense to have some of the more unusual vendors (like Blajini & Caligari) in agartha, as it’s a properly secure hidden location. The Haitian market in London always seemed a bit of a crazy - get past some disinterested police officers and BOOM nothing secret about this place!

The biggest immersion breaker is the lack of a Starbucks in agartha!

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@Ceruleana An in-game board would be a slight improvement, but would people actively check it all that often considering how much time passes between updates? Unless something popped up on-screen saying there were new posts, I doubt it would have much more of an effect than posting something in these forums.

@Leogrim So, in other words, they will probably be paid-only content but Funcom isn’t brave/stupid enough to announce it before people put effort into designing stuff for them to sell. Though to be fair, I’m not even sure it’s really all that bad. It’s not a whole lot different than suggesting cosmetics that can be sold for Aurum, but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

Oh, and speaking of community events, I haven’t seen anything yet about another Scavenger Hunt. Any news on whether or not it’s happening again this Samhain? It’s the only thing I was looking forward to.

@AWOL I wonder what percentage of the playerbase actually pay attention to these forums or any of those other places you saw the agent competition referenced. I imagine it’s pretty small. But then again, maybe contests like these only appeal to the level of fans of the game who are already invested enough to be following external sources.

It’s kind of cynical, but I do understand the reasoning behind prioritizing paid content. SWL has always been more about making money than having fun. Of course, the same can be said for just about any game these days. As for immersion, if that were a concern the first thing you’re greated with when you log-in wouldn’t be an advertisement for something that can only be bought with currency that exists behind the fourth wall. And I imagine people who are really invested in the RP aspect of the game tend to ignore General chat in Agartha where the conversation tends to be less than immersive.

Yup, I’d be surprised if it’s a large percentage. On the other hand, unless the aim is to make community competitions a major part of the game, it’s probably working roughly as intended. (Though the discord server has over a thousand people subbed to it, which is way more than we’d actually see in game!)

I think that the immersion vs advertising ratio is actually pretty good in SWL. We get the “news” page when we log in, but it’s not shoved down our throats again. Having something in-game which directly refers to the real world (rather than the game world) would be completely new. In terms of the currency existing behind the 4th wall, everything’s priced in Aurum, which limits the (for want of a better word) exposure.

@Nytha I t’s funny you say that… I was thinking… Wow! The cash value they are giving for the rewards is stupidly low to have these people design things for them for the game lol

Also… The reason I said they should add a news board for everything is because MOST players do not check forums, social media, etc. So some of this stuff is unknown. They shouldn’t have to check online for news either.

I think, and that now is speculation, that at this point they don’t know really how successful the contest will be or were the agents would fit&what type of agents they get. Mostly due to it spawning from a communityside idea winning the necessary support for it than an inhouse one long term plan.

Doesn’t mean that they won’t sell it for money later but it could be the reverse. It’s a wait and see. Personally wouldn’t hold back an entry just for the theoretical fear of it getting monetized but people really can decide that on their own. And I suspect it’s a wait and see for Funcom too. Successful events get repeats when possible (Scavenge hunt happened twice…I definitly look if we can’t make it more times) and I would love seeing more agents the community can get invested in and be like: Hey, I did that or XY, I know, did that and that show how freaking amazing creative our community is.

P.S.: Scavenge hunt is lets say Highly Unlikely this Samhaim but who knows about future events…christmas and such

It’s fun activity and I was the one who asked for more contests. :expressionless: Reversing it to “make people doing their work” is uhhhh…


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