Agent Writing Contest WINNERS!

Now that the contest is over I can say that reading through everyone’s agent was an absolute JOY. The creativity in both the character’s physical description, personality, and background blew us away! We received exactly 111 entries. And we could tell that love and effort were put into each one. Ya’ll have some serious talent! I’ll post the winners and some developer favorites but if you don’t see yours here please feel free to comment with your agent!

Grand Prize Winner

Created by Statik

Name: “The Cleaner”
Gender: Male
Profession: CoV Occult clean-up crew
Age: 45

Physical Description: He’s seen things. Things with tentacles. He’s probably seen nearly everything. Large, sleep deprived, caffeine-strong eyes that have looked into the void. And then… mopped it up. He looks older than he is - his face is quite drawn and grumpy - this guy doesn’t sleep easy at night. And…he has a mop dun dun duhhhh

Agent Background: A long-term member of “The Janitors”, a special occult clean-up crew employed by the Council of Venice, this subject is well-versed in a lot of the happenings within The Secret World. He’s seen things. Things with tentacles. Armed with his trusty mop “Bessie”, he’s stared deep into the void… and mopped up whatever had just been spat from it. Subject has become bored and tired of finding new and creative ways to dispose of ex-Orochi employees, and feels his talents could be better used on a wider range of missions. He is willing to do almost anything to prove his usefulness.

Three Runner Ups

Created by Samaritain
Name: Elin Bagge
Gender: Female
Profession: Banking Intern
Species: Human
Age: 22

Physical Description: A young woman with blonde hair in a proper pageboy haircut. Always puts on smart, rectangular glasses and a winning smile. Impeccably dressed in the standard B&D uniform with a white shirt, black sweater vest and blue trousers. Often seen with jewelry (pendant or earring) incorporating a ram symbol, reminiscent of the B&D logo and her surname. Has also been spotted speaking into some form of high-tech one-ear headset.

Agent Background:
Subject is currently interning at the much-renowned Bartleby & Daughters Banking Co. LLC. The enigmatic nature of the bank’s affairs requires a particular set of skills, including but not limited to extraplanar customer service, multi-dimensional accounting, non-Euclidean security measures and the occasional “liquidation by immolation” of various problematic assets. Subject reacts well to potential clients of wealth and taste. Alternatively, mentioning the “Blajini vault incident”, as yet unknown to her superiours, may get her attention.

Created by P-Dubs
Name: Rana Kader
Gender: Non-binary
Profession: Spy, Infiltrator
Species: Human
Age: Late 30s

Physical Description: They have a tawny complexion and hazel-green eyes. They have black hair, usually kept up in a simple knot. They have an androgynous appearance, with a well-defined bone structure that is covered by a half-mask over the bottom half of their face. Their still wear the purple uniform of a Phoenician operative.

Agent Background: Subject claims to be former intelligence operative for Phoenicians and to have operated as a spy and infiltrator, gathering sensitive information from many of the major factions within the Secret World.

The veracity of their exploits cannot be fully verified for obvious reasons; however, subject has demonstrated incredible aptitude with illusion magic, able to elude a wide spectrum of detection and security devices, both technological and arcane in nature. Appropriately enough, subject is an introvert, finding direct communication uncomfortable. Even during “face-to-face” debriefs, will prefer to maintain invisibility and report via handwritten response.

Subject severed ties with Phoenicians shortly after the Tokyo incident, claiming that “trying to make money from ending the world is madness.” Utilize angle of foiling Phoenician plots and undoing damage caused to keep subject engaged in mission.

Created by Chickenstew
Walter Malone

Physical Description: Gizzled looking fisherman

Agent Background:
Subject was one born of the sea, figuratively speaking. Always found the shore and ocean more like home than anywhere else. Captains a vessel called The Sea Sloth, where he spends much of his leisure time at sea fishing. Definitely one of wit and intelligence, and not to be underestimated just by his looks. If it needs doing then he will get it done one way or another. Subject also has a sly tongue and can bargain with just about anyone. Beware if if he approaches you saying “Feesh for Sale”. This man could sell a fish to a rock if he wanted to.

Dev Favorites

These are some other favorites from various developers on the team.

Created by Anhedonist
Ash Clerisy

Physical Description:
A young Asian woman of unclear heritage. Neat, straight, jawline-length hair, with asymmetrical bangs (whichever side works best). She’s wearing semi-rimless smartglasses over eyes that are somewhere between ‘brown’ and ‘red’, and a subtle yet visible earpiece. Her outfit is either a red turtleneck under a grey suit jacket, or an exosuit based on Orochi’s cyborgs. Whichever works best.

If possible, her wheelchair should be visible, tall enough to have a headrest. Her expression should be analytical, as if she’s trying to figure out whoever’s taking her picture.

Agent Details:
Subject is an accomplished engineer and retired Illuminati field agent. Taken out of active duty after an accident investigating a Red Hand bunker left her without the use of her legs and confined to a wheelchair. This forced retirement and further marginalization fostered resentment of the Illuminati, leading to the subject leaving to join Manticore Research Group.

Since her paralysis, subject has honed her already notable hacking skills in secret, as well as producing both a specialized wheelchair for herself, and an exosuit to allow her to participate in field operations again when necessary. Behavioral analysis suggests that this is a response to her disability, attempting to make herself more useful to others once again; subject avoided this topic in questioning.

Subject appears desperate for approval and respect, as well as desiring active and stimulating work after significant time spent ‘on the bench’ due to her disability. Direct validation, and occasional access to highly strange cases, will ensure loyalty.

Created by Bumblebread
Name: Vali Engineering Nomadic Drink Imparting Transit Tool, aka V.E.N.D.I.T.T
Gender: N/A
Profession: Vending machine
Species: Vending machine
Age: N/A

Physical Description: It’s a vending machine

Agent Background: Did that vending machine just move? Of course not, vending machines don’t move. At least, that’s what we wish we could tell you. Bio-engineering? AI? A human soul trapped inside a machine? It’s true purpose is unknown, a serial number and sticker reading: V.E.N.D.I.T.T our only clue to it’s origin and name.
Subject is surprisingly mobile and stealthy, after all, no one would suspect the vending machine in the corner; a perfect agent for espionage. Drinks received from V.E.N.D.I.T.T have faint fishy smell, please do not open in the office.

Failure quote: “hmm, omg… it’s fine, it’s ok, I can fix it”
Sucess quote: “Yare yare daze”

Created by Alket
Solveig Valkyrja

Physical Description: Attractive, very light complexion, angular jaw, blue eyes, lightly cleft chin, Blonde with dreadlocks in a high ponytail and some light nordic face tattooing.

Agent Background: Real name: Kelly Butkovsky. She was a particular fan of psychedelics, even going so far as to use her chemistry degree get inventive with them. On a study abroad program to Norway she shared some custom made questionable substances with some friends at a bonfire party atop a fjord and got everyone possessed by Viking ghosts. Kelly was the only survivor of the resulting Valhalla esque bout. She’s since become a fusion of Kelly and the Valkyrie who possessed her.

Solveig is a great option if you require a chemist or need someone stabbed with a spear.

Call her boyfriend Sven. Solveig now only speaks old Norse, but fortunately Sven’s grandmother was very into her heritage. Sven likes to travel to exotic locations and Solveig sure loves to use that spear. Find a middleground and arrange their flight and they’ll almost work for free.

Created by Xencraft
Browni Jenkin
familiar, genetically modified familiar (primarily human and rat)
Age: 327.

Physical Description: Browni Jenkin is a rat like creature with a shockingly human face. His fur and eyes are black and has mouth full of yellow fangs. His hands are gnarled claws resembling the hands of an old witch or wizard and he speaks in the third person in a loathsome titter.

Agent Background: First summoned by Keziah Mason in approximately 1692, and re-summoned by Edith Mason in 1890 and genetically modified by Dr. Helen West in 1972 and resurrected by Dr. Charles Zurn in 2017. Browni (formally Brown) Jenkin is a rat like familiar with a human face, and the ability to transverse higher dimensional space, the subject has also demonstrated an ability to mimic any voice it hears and has been observed speaking English, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. The full extent of the subjects abilities has been difficult ascertain, since it is difficult to determine where Dr. West’s modifications begin and the original familiar ends. The only thing that can be definitely determined about the subject is that it is capable of accessing almost any point on the planet through higher dimensional space, making it ideal for reconnaissance and retrieval assignments, additionally prior encounters with the subject indicate that it has remarkable regenerative capabilities allowing it to sustain multiple traumatic injuries and survive. Prior reports indicate that the subject is carnivores and its preferred pray is human infants ages 0-18 months and is highly food motivated, a paste made of fetal stem cells and laced with amphetamines may be substituted for live pray when necessary. Use this as leverage.

Created by Zirs
Yeong-Ja Harper
tattoo artist
37 years old

Physical Description: She is an Asian woman with braided long black hair. She is dark brown eyes, her throat is ornate with lotus themes tattoos.

Agent Background: Daughter of a witch and owning a tattoo parlor in Boston, the subject passes the 17 last years of her life trying to find a way to mix her mother’s teaching and her own art. Now she has created a whole line of warding tattoo by mixing blood magic and sigils. Her special products opened her to a whole new clientele inside the secret world.
Taking advantage of her own social skills she also used her tattoo session with secret world agents to learn any juicy information or rumor that could slip from her customer’s lips. Information that she is willing to sell to the highest bidder, if given the chance.
A good pack of money or the promise of new knowledge allowing her to perfect her art should be a good motivation source.

We’ll be working on the winner portrait as soon as possible to get that out to everyone who participated, as well as the Nicole & Andy portrait. Once we have news on when we can hand them out, we’ll let ya know!


Private Investigator
The Unutterable Chibi
1 Million

The Unutterable Chibi, but with a private investigator hat and trenchcoat.

Subject’s name is unutterable, but closest attempts resemble “gweep” shortly before insanity sets in. They enjoy a good mystery, and have been spotted leaving hints for those on investigative missions. A very flexible body allows them to fit into tight spaces and find unusual objects.

Subject resides in a cozy shipwreck, and their favorite food is chocolate pudding.


Edmund Lunadream
50 year old

Physical Description:
He has very short, straight, blood-red hair which is buzz cut and blue eyes. He constantly squints. He stands 162cm (5’3") tall and has a muscular build. This coffee skinned man has an untrustworthy feel about him.

Agent Background:
He inherits a pub in the middle of town, He has a crude sense of humor. He has a pet cat companion named Lucy. He believes that everyone who sits in his pub with free beer is planning to destroy the world.

On saving the world front He diligently stalks his prey, which includes other predators and monsters of the same type. He attacks by trapping his pray with strangling garbs enchanted with rune markings and electricity.

His recent Report shares his last know whereabout is somewhere near the northeastern coast of Maine.


Name: Phantasm NetPrincess
Gender: Unspecified
Profession: Hacker
Species: Artifical Construct
Age: 0

What does your agent look like?

Phantasm doesn’t as much a “real” form but is someone acting through avatar. Hacking electronic systems as she needs to complete the mission, hiring and manipulating people in working for her. Knowing Harumis love for games and AIMEEs love for riddles I would say she uses some fighting warrior princess game avatar look. Like as if princess leia (star wars) was a game character in a fantasy mmo.

Flavor Text: This text will go along with your agent in game next to the portrait.


Subject is a fragmented copy of the Orochi AI AIMEE running under the name Phantasm NetPrincess. Limited compared to the original, subject observed far more stable and potential asset.

Knowledge of subject history is limited. When the Orochi Tower came under attack as part of the Tokyo Incident, the original got destroyed and the internet personality NeuromancerQueen99 salvaged core algorithm data from the Orochi server before Orochi regain control. Diffrent personality developed compared to AIMEE under diffrent enviroment of behaviour training.

Subject approached with request for work with a certain agent. Use agent [retracted] to ensure future cooperation.


"Did you see that? I went in like totally wooosh, wumph and nin nin nin ninja my way out. Dang awesome. Are you proud?


OH NO! I bamboozled that up.


Huginn and Muninn

Agent Details: name, gender, profession, species, and age.

Huginn and Munnin, both male, Thought and Memory, Ravens, Unknown.

What does your agent look like?

Two black ravens.

Flavor Text: This text will go along with your agent in game next to the portrait.

Subjects are two apparently sentient and talking ravens. It is unknown if they really are the ones from Norse mythology, but some elements hint at them having a connection to the Buzzing.
In any case, talking birds are an unusual sight even in the Secret World.

Their true motivations are unknown, but it is believed they oppose the Filth and any action that would endanger the world greatly. You can also offer them fruits and offal.

Failure quote

A s does the mind fade, so do thought and memory …”

Success quote

Thought is the arrow of time. Memory never fades.”


Eyes of the All-Father: Huginn and Muninn are Odin’s familiars, gathering extra intel from all missions.


Animal wisdom: Ravens are smart creatures, which increases Huginn and Muninn’s Ingenuity.


Name: Imreon
Gender: Male
Profession: Antiquities Researcher
Species: Unknown
Age: Unknown

Physical Description:
Imreon looks to be in his mid-thirties and strikes a dashing figure in his outback fedora,
brown leather jacket, khaki pants and leather boots. At times it almost seems as if his
pupils glow slightly, but that must just be a trick of the light.

Agent Background:
Subject refers to himself as a simple hands-on researcher, but there is much more to him
than meets the eye. Nobody knows anything about subject’s past, where he grew up or how
old he is. What is known is that subject has been around longer than his apparent age would

Subject has a knack for unearthing bits of information about the workings and
whereabouts of lost artifacts and will almost always insist on being part of any expedition
meant to find them. It is rumoured that subject was in fact the inspiration for the movies
featuring a certain charming, dashing archaeologist.

Subject is fascinated with Third Age artifacts and information. Use this to your advantage.


Name : The sentinels

Gender : Males and females
Profession : Guardians
Species : Stone statues
Age : Multiple

They are seven, overlooking the Egyptian valley, one head of a falcon, one head and with a feather, one head of a cobra, one head of a lioness, one head adorned with an antelope horn, one head of a cat and one head of a jackal.

All heads pointing toward sunset, they await for the horrifying night where Akehnation’s whispers will turn into screams.
They are seven, but act as one.
they are seven, so different, yet so similar.
They are seven brothers and sisters, sacrificed for the sake of the city.
Everyone knows about the gift of their lives made to their father, Ptahomsis, but very few knows of the fierce warriors they are. Using teleportation and evasion, they can disappear and reappear until their foes turns mad.
Swift as lightning, they are everywhere, all seven of them simultaneously everywhere and nowhere at any given time.
Trust them with tasks to save the world and they will prove to be effective and generous, but beware if you dare drag them toward vice and corruption for the price could prove heavy.

Passive level 25 kills: + 490 health
Passive level 50 skill: +10% moving speed

Intelligence: self-sacrifice : Sentinels act for a better world. Trust them with mission acting toward the balance of the universe and their chance of critical success will be increased
Resilience: Incorruptible : Sentinels fight against corruption and gratuitous violence. Do not disturb them with mission aiming to glorify yourself, or pay the extra price in resources.


Based on one of the game’s NPC characters, so I’ve blurred out the most obvious identifiers in case people aren’t aware of the story around her.

Name: Bong Cha
Gender: Female
Profession: Law graduate experienced in communications
Species: Human
Age: Late '20s?


Bong Cha, having somewhat unwittingly recreated her appearance from when she was the Voice of the Dragon.

Flavor Text:
Subject is an avid enthusiast of all things relating to dragons - claims she is trying to reconnect with a forgotten past-life. Besides boasting an extraordinarily vivid knowledge of draconic lore both common and esoteric, sources indicate that at times she enters a trance-like state where her eyes turn emerald, and makes pronouncements that are uncanny predictions of real-world events.

Subject has little accessible knowledge of the Secret World, though always knows how to handle herself, and is often on first-name terms with connected individuals. She yearns to learn more about her forgotten past, and is a skilled and stern negotiator. She is sought after by the Templars, Illuminati and Phoenicians for her insights.


For those of you that remember Nirvelle’s little troll entry for the dataminers when rosenbrawl came out :smiley:


That’s hilarious! Can’t believe I never saw that before.

Everyone’s entries posted so far have all been really cool, especially since people are pulling from so many different areas of the Secret World’s lore for inspiration. It’s really too bad the contest didn’t have a few more slots for winners, they could have done a “Community Agent” bundle.

Not exactly proud of it, but what the hell… here’s my submission:

Name: Christine Darkmoon (née Spencer)
Profession: Retired
Species: human
Gender: female
Description: white, age unknown but looks to be in her early to mid 20s, hazel eyes, short dark grey hair, usually dressed in black, semi-formal clothing (camisole, black jacket, pencil skirt)


Flavor text: A retired taxi service operator, Christy now travels the world for fun and profit. Her intimate knowledge of shortcuts in and out of Agartha allows her to travel to any location in a proverbial flash. This agent specializes in locating lost souls and guiding them home.


To clarify, the name “Jonathon the Bun” was a troll entry in the data for an npc that never actually shows up in Rosenbrawl.
The Agent stuff was my entry :smiley:

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It’s a very well-done fake dossier!

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It made my day to see my entry at the top of the ‘Dev Favorites’ list. The game’s setting and story, and the community’s creativity within it, is what’s kept me here all these years, and seeing that some of the devs like my contribution and seeing Ash with some of the other amazing submissions just makes me really happy.

I would absolutely buy up a whole stack of theoretical ‘Community Submission’ agent boosters with the likes of these in them. …and, maybe, a couple of those Dev Favorites to fill out the numbers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


name: Michael Jacoby
profession: psychologist
species: human
gender: male

What does your agent look like?
salt and pepper beard, short hair, thick frames glasses, a little bit of craziness in his eyes, brown sweater

Flavor text
Michael started as your average skeptic psychologist, able to explain away all the paranormal phenomena. “Hyperactive pattern recognition”, he used to say. “Cognitive errors”, he usually added. Then he noticed that some of the names, ideas and unutterable words were recurring in many of his patients’ stories and nowhere else. He was lost the minute he began making his first “crazy wall” to make sense of it. Now he’s seen the fnords one time too many. He closely watches all the tinfoil streamers, looking for clues.

I kinda liked my own idea so I went on and created IC twitter account. He’s not a bee yet but his getting there. Go #SWLRP!


Name: Keikilani
Gender: Female
Profession: Freelancer
Species: Human
Age: Unknown


She appears to be of polynesian decent. She has green eyes, and long luxurious black hair.

Flavor Text:

Little is known of Keikilani, not even her true name. Women matching her description have been seen at sites of supernatural events throughout the centuries. One day she just showed up on our doorstep and told us we could use her services as a Freelancer. She is supremely capable at accomplishing any task set before her.

Keep an eye on her as she works for you and try to discern why she has stepped out of the shadows now, and what she is truly after.


Name: Vince Stone
Gender: Male
Profession: Barista
Species: Poltergeist
Age: Undead/Unknown

Description: When materialized, this gentleman looks like the epitome of a mob snitch despite his transparent pallor. Suit and tie, slicked back hair and a pot of coffee usually in hand. (Inspiration- Lee Marvin in The Big Easy)

Flavor Text: Once the second-in-command to a mob boss, this brute met an untimely end in New York City many years ago during a deal gone sour. Fortunately, their soul was recovered from limbo by a caffeine-addicted Illuminati necromancer and given the chance to work again…usually making coffee for the office, but he hears things, and isn’t afraid to rough someone up.

When agitated, this poltergeist flings pots of scalding hot coffee at his foes.

Complete Results: It doesn’t work that way with me.

Successful/Outstanding Results: I do what I’m told.


I’ve been too terrified to post this, but I’m not feeling as much like an utter disaster today, so here’s what I wound up submitting as-is when I submitted it.

Agent Details

Agent Name: Vomher
Gender: Presumed Male
Profession: Alchemist
Species: Guter Nachtkrapp
Age: Obscured

Agent Description

A frazzled, overly feathered corvid of distinctly raven resemblance. Bright blue eyes peer out of a mess of feathers from the beaked face, while the profile image’s border iis draped by the bird’s primaries from large wings just out of view. This bird’s form seems to be a quivering shadow given solid form on its periphery, with shining feathers taking on a color far too unnaturally dark for the night. Despite being distinctly something that might be a raven, the bird’s proportions are better fit for a vulture, with its size equaling that of a human. The bird is not quite how a bird should be. This is a nachtkrapp. A sandman of a more sinister, avian sort.

Agent Profile Flavor Text

Subject is an alchemist and seeker of knowledge who has recently come into possession of a cloak capable of granting the shape of that which it once was part of - a nachtkrapp. While not a true nachtkrapp, subject regularly assumes this bogeybird guise under the alias Vomher.

Subject is particularly eager and open to aiding others. If missions result in what they deems as ‘good’ while simultaneously punishing those seen as ‘naughty’, then all the better. Use this alongside the promise of information for best results. Subject does not respond well to harm or threat against known loved ones, but is an enormous coward.

It is possible to summon Vomher with the right ritual when in this state.

CAUTION: The birdsong induces sleep and the opportunity to create nightmares. Terrible, terrible nightmares.


Love the vending machine agent. That would be so unexpected that I would have to hunt down that agent just to see if it were truth.


It’s the participation of my officer, he told me that I could put it here for him. I thought him too cute!

Name : Bast
Gender : female
Profession : nap expert
Species : animal
Age : 14 years * 9

My yellow sapphire eyes are the only thing that would give my presence in the night.
On my four legs, I pounce from an armchair to another, from the knees of Mistress Franklin to the grass of the park. Each spot of my tricolor fur could be a tragedy that shook this mansion, and many there were.

Meow meeeowww

Passive level 25 skill : + 9% health
Passive level 50 skill : jump height while sprinting

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