Who lives in your base? - Show us your favorite NPCs

Inspired by the magnificent Share your Shelter thread I’d like to start a thread to let us introduce the NPCs we’ve, err… recruited to our cause. Do they have a name? Do they have a story? They can be Funcom’s characters or your own. Just post here and let us know them.

I’ll start with a few favorite examples from my bases:

Madam Esmeralda makes the best love potions. Also steelfire, alchemical base, stone consolidant and dragonpowder. Actually, she doesn’t really have time to make any love potions.

Gloria, an adventuring archaeologist (Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker) haggling over the price of a rare Conan statuette with a traveling Khitan merchant.

Senk the Pillowdancer dancing on some pillows in my tavern.

A peek through the window into the Scarlet Citadel, the… establishment for entertainment in my city.

Would you buy a used carpet from this man?

Meanwhile, Thutmekri the Dramatist tries to attract a crowd with his Lederhosen dance, with less success than he was hoping.

Thugra has the ungrateful task of herding cats.

A bridge in the middle of absolutely nothing is guarded by the dreaded Black Knight. None shall pass!

Cosmetic changes to my NPCs made using the CharEditLite mod.


I woud give you an award just for getting that many candles on a shelf. I struggle to get one!

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Cool -

of all the pics, the black knight rules !

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Greats designs - how about a couple of views of the actual town/city to complete it?

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I’ve posted views of the town in the Share your Shelter thread; I wanted this thread to focus on the NPCs living in our bases.

Turns out people seem to like posting pictures of their houses a lot more than posting pictures of their thralls. Maybe everyone’s NPC friends are just shy?

No, really. Everyone’s allowed to post their NPC pics here, I can’t keep this thread alive all by myself.

But I’ll toss a couple of new ones in:

The Sisters of Sorrow. From left to right: Argento, Lucia, Tenebra and Nyx. Lucia and Tenebra are actually identical twins - it’s fascinating what a difference just changing eye make-up and hair color does to one’s appearance. (And yes, the sisters are armed with Telith’s Sorrow swords.)

And, because I was honored by @Multigun who made this particular NPC thrall available through his Tier 4 Thrall mods:

(His/her appearance is actually random as far as I know - I used the CharEditLite mod to make him look more like I think he should look. The outfit is totally reasonable for the weather, too.)


One guy (or three guys, however you like to think about this) who I’ve neglected to mention:

Abu Rachman ben Abdellah manages the caravanserai in New Sanctuary. He’ll look after your camel for you. Look how happy the camels are!


Purple Ranja, a mercenary adventurer, waiting for her next assignment at the East Gate of New Sanctuary. Her regular weapon is a pike (she’s my main Red Mother hunter), but on occasion we go on recruitment drives where less lethal implements are required, so she takes the wooden sword on the wall instead.


I love them! That outfit is actually quite stylish. Just… Noire’s eyes look so creepy. The heck is going on with her? Stop feeding her those red mushrooms with white spots.

As for 69… Much as my dirty imagination would want to interpret this in another fashion, I’d guess the answer lies in basic math. Good thing math is one of my strengths.


I would have guessed something to do with yin yang.

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When I first saw the name Noire, I thought the thrall would be based off of character with same name from the Hyperdimension Neptunia JRPG series. There’s also a character named Blanc. Well, I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s tough to get a Japanese schoolgirl outfit in CE. In any event, nice work on the 69 twins.

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Me too, although honestly, those names are based on their theme colors in the Neptunia series too. Same with my twin “Sisters of Sorrow” Lucia and Tenebra, based on Latin words for light and darkness.


Yes, like that. What armors did you use?

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I see it now. I thought skirt might have been the inn keeper’s pants/skirt from the Derketo DLC, but couldn’t tell from the pose.

I’ve been watching your cosplay thread and enjoying it. Very nice work.

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Damn, @Kapoteeni, I surely missed that post all this time, sorry, but at the same time thanks for bringing it back :+1:t6:.
Now I will surely dig up my files for some role play photos.
The funny thing with role playing was that I didn’t knew what it was, yet I realized that this was exactly what I was doing all this time :rofl:.

My Thrall’s face when I said I would partake in necroing a thread. lol
Desktop Screenshot 2022.05.14 -

One of my favorite Thalls and present in almost all my saves is Aoda Maneater.
I wonder if they wanted to have her to look like Zula from the movie:

The face not always look like, but the body is oddly specific in certain ways which are definitely not common for the general thralls (aka, she has very small boobs and is very thin).


How did you get the camels with packs?
I ask because I always get just a regular camel, I even tried 100 times with various foods in single player, no joy.

I think Funcom changed the camel model after that screenshot.

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There should be a bottle or something in front of his junk… maybe a milk carton.

Pet armour in 3.0 confirmed!!!

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Who lives in your base? - Show us your favorite NPCs

Almost all my dudes are generic - like at my most recent base they are all (except two) either Archer IIIs or Fighter IIIs - and all wearing the same armor - just different colors so I can see who is participating in a fight.