I made some NPCs on my server

Back when I was trying to get a roleplay server going, I’d decided I wanted to use Pippi’s thespians and Mushi system to liven up the map with some NPCs that players could interact with. I’ve since abandoned the roleplay angle, but since I’d still like for other people to play on the server once the mod loading rolls out (and since it’s fun) I kept going with the NPC idea. So, I thought I’d share some of what I have so far.

Look everyone, it’s our favorite robust-haired, thesaurus-abusing Conan knockoff, Grignr!

I feel like I need to give his dialogue a couple more passes before the server goes public, to better capture that distinctive Eye of Argon flavor. He gives a quest to find his main wench Carthena, who is hanging out somewhere in the Exiled Lands. I’m not posting a screenshot of her because that would be cheating.

Also hanging out in Sepermeru is the server’s other crossover character, Red Sonja:

This mod includes a set of her armor, so I couldn’t resist. And if you sweet talk her, she might be willing to sell you a spare set:

(All NPC transactions are made using Pippi currency.)

Outside Sepermeru one can find Kofi, the friendly exile from Kush:

He’s very generous with his food. Also if you dig through his stuff while he’s not looking you’re a jerk.

(Also fun fact, apparently the term for a person from Kush is not allowed on these forums. Um…okay…?)

And then we have the worst brothel in the Exiled Lands:

It’s run by Lady Thurma, who gives an open-ended quest to bring her necromancy supplies in return for (Pippi) money.

And finally we have Abigail of Shem, professional grave robber:

If you find her at her base camp, she’ll sell you a sweet set of burial armor:

Or, if you’re not in the market for something that’s been pried off a moldy old corpse, she also sells Cimmerian steel and fur armor. (You may be asking now, wait a minute, that’s epic armor! Won’t that create a massive PvP imbalance if anyone can just buy it from an NPC? To which I say it’s PvE, so who cares.)

So, those are my main NPCs so far. I have a few others scattered around the map as well, but I want to leave some surprises in case I’m able to get anyone to play on this server.

(All these NPCs except Abigail are outfitted using pieces from the Exiled_lands_improved and WARRIOR Mutator mods.)


This looks cool and makes me wish I could play on PC, or that mods would be available for xbox.

My one criticism would be red sonja, because she’s so iconic. Her hair seems too dark. (possibly brown?) She should have the lighter of the red head options. She also looks too weak. Her build needs to be increased. Hope you made her hyborian at least.

Other than that, great job!

On a side note, they really won’t let you use the name of one of the races in their game on their own forums?!? That’s absurd. Does the automod think it’s some sort of drug reference?

Unfortunately, Sonja’s hair is as red as I can make it within the limitations of Pippi’s Thespian editor without making it bright clown red, which looked pretty bad. There also isn’t a way to specify race, only skin tone.

I think if it was about drugs they wouldn’t let me type Kush either. Given how the censor here won’t even let us type “screw” as a verb I’d guess it’s probably because adding the -ite makes it contain a swear word.

I’m assuming it at least gives you the same hair options as the default creator? I kinda thought she should have the bright clown red hair color since that’s the color in 90% of the media she’s portrayed in. If you say it looked bad I’ll take your word for it tho. It’s your game, I’m just looking at a screenshot on my phone. Lol
I have that darker red you used there on my personal character btw. It looks red in some light, and brown in others, which is pretty cool.

Race doesn’t seem to matter in this game outside of the character creation screen and your own personal head cannon for your character so maybe that’s why they didn’t bother to include it in the mod.

I remodeled Lady Thurma’s brothel using the Stygian Building Kit mod.

The witchfire should make it nice and spooky at night, too.

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Dude this is super beautiful work here!! I really need to figure out the mushi system. Fantastic npc ideas!!!

So after a long and frustrating battle with what I thought was Funcom’s new mod loader but I much later learned was my own incompetence (long story short: the server can’t see your mod if you’ve been uploading every updated version with the privacy set to Friends-Only, idiot), I have put in a second support ticket with Survival Servers asking if it’s possible to not have it deleted at the end of its current pay cycle after all. If the answer is yes, then I’ll finally be opening this thing up to the general public.

…Now to decide whether I want it to be a roleplay server or not. The character bio and ability to leave written notes that Funcom’s gonna be adding in have made my RP itch flare up again…