Mysterious 'last' dossier Kwanele in Agent Network?

As I’ve got most of the agents I got curious what I’m missing… so I installed a mod called “AgentViewer”, which adds icons to your Agent Network of unowned dossiers.

I cannot find even any info from google of this one? So probbly a bogus or from TSW? Any Ideas folks?

Kwanele’s Agent Dossier is unreleased. The reason you can’t find information on how to obtain him is because he isn’t obtainable.

The only hint of that dossier’s existence we’ve ever gotten was his profile picture being shown during the reveal of the Agent Network. I imagine he’s destined for the remaining New Dawn missions that haven’t yet come out but that had been mentioned in the past.

After looking up that mod, I see that the ‘source’ it lists on dossiers is based on a spreadsheet - maybe it’s possible to ask that the spreadsheet list him as ‘UNRELEASED’ in the mean time so that anyone with that mod isn’t constantly taunted by thinking they can get Kwanele?

I’m sorry!

Well, that means there is one useless ‘slot’… dunno why FC left it there.
When they created The Duo and Jack Boone they added two slots… lol

They probably intend to release him someday, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they hadn’t expected anyone to unveil him early via mods. XD

If I had a dollar for every item Funcom created that you can’t actually get…


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