How to acquire Agent Dossiers


I watched the Dev Stream, great job! Lots of great info. Someone asked a question which was not answered. Instead, an unasked question was answered.

So, when this system comes out, since I am already level 50 and doing some end game content and I have already “finished” all the previous zones, will I magically get the dossiers I should have gotten from those zones if I was level 15 and played through them? Or, will I need to go back and re-do content in those zone?

Follow up question, if I have to go back and re-visit those zone, which I am not complaining about, do I only need to do the sabotage and/or investigative missions, or do I have to re-do every mission in the game?


You will have to go back (and it was answered in the stream). Also we do not know yet what missions/activities the agents comes from. They are leaving that up to the players to discover (also mentioned in the stream).

So, redo them all yourself or wait for your friendly co-players to post a guide.


I don’t know. But if we have to redo the Cost of Magic, I want a new agent for every tier. :slight_smile:


You need a perfect The Cost of Magic run. No restting, alle vampires muse be alive. 20 minute time limit.


So strict! I’d want some super badass agent rewards for that!


Agents will be from action or sabotage missions, presumably because investigation missions give clothing. This will help balance out the “bonus” rewards you can get from each type.

Speculation: It sounds like agents will be random drops within their area of acquisition. So, say…Carter and Agent X can both be acquired from Savage Coast (or rather, Solomon Island?). Presumably, any action or sabotage mission in that area has a chance to drop either of them. It would be neat if Carter’s mission specifically had the/a higher chance to drop Carter, but we’ll see.

Also: Perfect CoM run guarantees a shiny agent. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is a very good suggestion Number Two but you are too lenient!
Make it completely perfect! No resets at any tier nor any deaths.
No vampires killed nor can they see you.
Perfect lake skipping on the first attempt.
No missing a single jump on rune puzzle nor can you stand still for more than 1 second at a time during it, must be completed on first attempt.
No setting off any traps nor getting spotted by any golem.

Yea, that sounds about right. :triumph:


I intend to just redo every mission until I figure out the pattern. If it means I just spend that week redoing everything, so be it.

Also, the Cost of Magic challenge sounds like fun.


They’ve literally told us the “pattern” - action and sabotage missions have a chance to give you agent system rewards.


I may have misheard but didn’t they say that there was a CHANCE of obtaining a dossier from sabo and action missions? :(( dreading having to repeat cost of magic multiple times for possible Zaha agent >.>


Yeah, I remember them saying “chance.” It’s likely that it pulls from the pool at random–we don’t yet know whether specific missions only give–or have a higher chance of giving–any particular agent.

(Speaking of Zaha…was anyone else amused to realize she has the same VA as Cassandra from DA:I? I don’t know if she’ll be an agent, but with her skillset here and that parallel, she’d make a great choice. ;D)


Riot if Saïd is not an agent :x


No. Bad Nordy, bad! No!


Why on earth would Said lower himself to running errands for the likes of us? :smiley:


I remember devs saying somewhere that they want to encourage people to redo all stuff so my guess - it won’t be obligation to redo everything at all but most of it you’ll want to redo yourself. Weren’t they talking about random drop?


From watching the stream my impression was each agent will have a specific location you get them, and the drop chance is random.

I bet Carter comes as a possible reward for completing Carter Unleashed. Some Agents will probably be random rewards when opening the final loot box in dungeons or maybe even scenarios.


So he has something else to do other than to wait for someone to deliver a real Ancille :’(


As much as I’d love more Saiid, he’s more boss than faction granted/recommended minion. Most of the mummies in the Kingdom would be. Now, their subordinates, on the other hand… :grin: I’d be down with getting more insight into the Kingdom that way!


Guess all my time streaming CoM (to no one, sadly) will pay off.


I reflexively started banging my head against a wall just seeing the words “Cost of Magic”.