Funcom events? NONE... how to get Funcom's agents?

Where are all the Funcom’s public events? They haven’t posted anything for a year…

So problem is how one gets Funcom’s agents?? (4 of those).

How about if those agents can be bought with HexCoins at Shadow Trafficker?

poke @AndyB

There are only two Agent Dossiers exclusive to contests: Special Agent Dossier: The Duo and Special Agent Dossier: Jack Boone. I’m not certain what you’re considering as the other two agents, as those two only come in Special form. They have been awarded as prizes for select player-run community contests and events in addition to those held by Funcom, but they haven’t been given out for every single contest.

As for recent contests/events themselves since that’s your first question, the Secret World Legends Romantic Cake Creation Contest was held in collaboration with Funcom!

Yeah who won that btw? :upside_down_face: Also the most recent event with prizes from Funcom is HTR anniversary show that awarded cosmetics