MEGAversary 2 Special Agent Raffle!

Thanks to the generous folks at Funcom we are able to provide a special Lottery with the Boone Agent! This is open to all who send in a Forum PM with your chracter name or list their character name below.

The last time for an entry for this event will be 23:59 British Summer Time 1st July 2019.

The raffle will be drawn at the end of the MEGAversary 2 Agarthan Boogaloo on or abouts the 2nd July 2019.

Only one entry per account please!


My Charakter Name is Radiac and i want to join the Raffle.

Welcome, Radiac, so let it be written, so let it be done, your entry has been noted :slight_smile:

Well, heck. I’m game to meet up with Boone. :slight_smile: I’m entering as Dots. :slight_smile:

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You have been sanctified and approved by Temple Hall Records Department, Blodwedd :slight_smile:

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VelvetRabbit gimme Boone! :smiley:

Azri-el also would like Boone :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for doing this.

Character name: Oskmey

Have an awesome week!

Character Name: Ceruleana.

Throw my name in x100 to up my chances please!

Character: rephaim

Character Name: teg

Hey there! This looks great, thanks for the special goodies :slight_smile:

Character name: Talynne

Hey there.

Character Name: Sterlingorum

Character name: Kahleon

Character: Dubroc


Character name: Aluvyre

Lunas would very much like to be in this raffle

sign me up character name: Raolina

Please sign me up. Character name: Garzef

I’d like to enter, please. :slight_smile:

Character: AntiqueRose