MEGAversary 2 Special Agent Raffle!

Thanks to the generous folks at Funcom we are able to provide a special Lottery with the Boone Agent! This is open to all who send in a Forum PM with your chracter name or list their character name below.

The last time for an entry for this event will be 23:59 British Summer Time 1st July 2019.

The raffle will be drawn at the end of the MEGAversary 2 Agarthan Boogaloo on or abouts the 2nd July 2019.

Only one entry per account please!

Just a quick Update… thanks again to the folks at Funcom… Agent Boone will be added to with another Agent! Agent BooNe! Yes, his twin brother! Well, ok, it’s two agent Boone’s. Many thanks to the Funcom Folks :slight_smile:


My Charakter Name is Radiac and i want to join the Raffle.

Welcome, Radiac, so let it be written, so let it be done, your entry has been noted :slight_smile:

Well, heck. I’m game to meet up with Boone. :slight_smile: I’m entering as Dots. :slight_smile:

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You have been sanctified and approved by Temple Hall Records Department, Blodwedd :slight_smile:

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VelvetRabbit gimme Boone! :smiley:

Azri-el also would like Boone :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for doing this.

Character name: Oskmey

Have an awesome week!

Character: rephaim

Character Name: teg

Hey there! This looks great, thanks for the special goodies :slight_smile:

Character name: Talynne

Hey there.

Character Name: Sterlingorum

Character name: Kahleon

Character: Dubroc


Character name: Aluvyre

Lunas would very much like to be in this raffle

sign me up character name: Raolina

Please sign me up. Character name: Garzef

I’d like to enter, please. :slight_smile:

Character: AntiqueRose

Sign me up please

Character : ChaosSpark