MEGAversary 4 Special Agent Boone Raffle - Draw 7th July 2021

Thanks to the generous folks at Funcom we are able to provide a special Lottery with the Boone Agent! This is open to all who send in a Forum PM with your character name or list their character name below.

The last time for an entry for this event will be 23:59 British Summer Time 6th July 2021.

The raffle will be drawn at the end of the MEGAversary 4 The Fourth Age Door on or abouts the 7th July 2021.

Only one entry per account please!

There may be an additional agent Boone added, depending on interest in this raffle.


Please enter me into the draw:

Katelin :slight_smile:

Awesome that this was added again!!


Pick me. Pick me. Pick me.


I need more Cowboy in my life.


insert here some witty comment


Sarah “xaas” Bentley

Might as well give it a shot:


I’d like to enter the draw!
Username: Xaoti

:slight_smile: Happy Megaversary

Sign me up!


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Getting Boone would be a boon :flushed:
Character name: Ectawem

There should be more competitions with agent rewards…

Character name: Murin

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I’ve not finalised the other events… “Could be a possiblity” murin.

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I’d like to add Boone to my team! Character name - Broc

Thanks for this Hollo!

Character: Sunday

Charakter: Eisvogel

Character: quaiky

Character: Marsie

Character Name: JJJWWS

Good Luck everyone ! (^-^ ) /

Character : Hyun-Bin