MEGAversary 4 The Andy and Nicole Duo Agent Raffle

This is to announce another agent raffle! This time a chance to win the special Andy and Nicole Duo agent dossier.

Thanks to the generous folks at Funcom we are able to provide a special Lottery for the Duo Agent Dossier! This is open to all who send in a Forum PM with your character name or list their character name below.

The last time for an entry for this event will be 23:59 British Summer Time 6th July 2021.

The raffle will be drawn at the end of the MEGAversary 4 The Fourth Age Door on or abouts the 7th July 2021.

Only one entry per account please!

The more people who enter, Funcom will provide additional dossiers of the Dynamic Duo, to be added to the number given away!

This event is open for entries, now :slight_smile:


The most powerful Agents.
I must acquire them.


I can haz Sweater Guy and Dino Gal ?


I’m in! I want the dynamic duo!

Weeh, ty for raffle!

Character name: Murin

Thank you, I have the mighty pair on my main, so I’d like to enter the raffle with alt character - Eandubh

did ya say Waffle ?
character name: dragonoutch

Character Name: quaiky

Character Name: JJJWWS

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Sarah “xaas” Bentley

body too similar to prior post, lol

Yeah, @Parmenter I’m urm… not having a lot of time recently… long story. Just trying to get this one out in correct time :slight_smile:

Pinkhair here.

Duo Duo
Character Name: Chasun

Ar-gyle! Ar-gyle! (the other agents on the roster aren’t follow a proper dress code :slight_smile: )

Hobragon is the name.

Nаme: Daestrus

Is this the place for the bachelor auction and subsequent comedic misunderstandings? No?

Okay put me down for the raffle anyway. :slight_smile:

Character: Goonshine


Swannsong is the name!

Thanks for the raffle :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the raffle!

Name: Hoshi-san

Character : Meli-Mela