BUGS in agent patch

  1. After my group retreated from NY5, I am now naked in Agartha. Or was before server booted me. All my items in a bag on the ground, unable to open bag.

  2. All of my scenario Turrets, Arms, and First Aid packs (6 stacks) are gone. That used to happen only if you entered Venice. I was saving those for E10 scenarios. Pretty upset…

That issue is being dealt with now, I assume, since the server is down.

As for the scenario items, the patch notes say “All items dropped from Supply Crates are now Unique.” Which suggests that from now on, you’ll never be able to carry more than one of them, so not a bug to remove the non-unique versions from characters.

I don’t know. I mean “unique” could have been understood as keeping only one of each. That said, i agree it may have been an overlook that this was actually possible to keep them. At what point does an overlook becomes a feature and people gets frustrated because some mats disapeared?

To be completly sure i petitioned yesterday night and was told any stuff that disapeared might be fixed during the night patch. Haven’t log since then to check though.