Agent Gear has gone missing and Duplicates itself

My agents keep losing gear i give them and some duplicates.
They are given the gear and sent on missions, immediately the gear is gone and 5 pieces now have gone missing with no sign of it returning.
Also taking gear off the agents results in duplicate items of the gear appearing in the inventory.

I experienced an issue similar to it. when i tried change gadget for a Agent before sending them on a Mission for a better outcome the swapped item was not the once they originally had
and they didn’t equip the item i gave to them.

but for some odd reason another agent i had not swapped gear on now had the item i wanted to give the other agent and no longer had their original gadget
and i could not change the item for them. nor take it off

After i did a /reloadui the Agent window worked like it should agian, but i had to re-equip 3 agents due to this silly bug.
I’ve had it 2 times.

Agent A: Brigadier Lethe :templar:
Agent B: Aruélie
Agent C: Nassir

It’s been a few months now and the gear still just disappearing, i’ve stopped giving them anything now.

Your sure it is not misplaced on a random agent? if not that really sucks :scream:

Nope i checked them all thoroughly, and 5 items are most certainly gone, no amount of restarting, reloadingui etc makes a difference.