Thoughts on Dark Agartha and Ancient Oddities

So, I started playing SWL about 3.5 months ago, and the lore just drew me in like a Dreamer to a solar system. It’s really the most shining element of the game, and I love the ARG angles it throws as well.

That said, after reading thru Dark Agartha, and testing the waters there, I have a feeling that the real Truth that the Bee’s, the things they withheld, give a few hints when looking at other bits of lore.

First off, I speculate that Humanity and The Host, are somehow one and the same or iterative evolutions of each other. The Bee’s feign telling you just who the builders of Gaia are because, “It would break you”, then there is the gifting of your “Wings” by the Nephilim with an admonition of, “Reaping what you sew”, and finally the last piece of DA lore has the Bees basically saying, “We withheld things from you, this is not the first Gaia, and we know what came before and what comes after. You are !” Given how time “works” Age wise, imagine how it curves outside of the realm of Gaia. Is Humanity/Host just a cyclic evolution of the same type of being?

Second, given certain pieces of gear, the very existence of the Dreamers, with other bits of DA and other Lore, I speculate that the Earth is not Gaia, but that Gaia is a merely a dimensional machine the Host interlocked with an already very ancient planet that had far older tenants in an also equally ancient cosmos. I say this because we have Deep Ones roaming about and they are not Filth creations, but a distinct and ancient race. We have Ashes of The Elder Things and Star Spawn, both are alien races from other areas of the cosmos that came to Earth billions and millions of years before even the First Age would even kickoff. Then we have the Fungal Shambler of Leng, a Mi Go, or one of their bio-constructs, so yet another veeeery ancient alien race tripping about on Earth. Then we have yet again the last piece of DA lore implying Gaia is not the first of her kind, which means how many other Immaculate Machines have come and gone? Trying to reconcile the Ages of man, which are implied to only last tens of thousands of years at most, maybe hundreds of thousands at the limit, and given the stark Lovecraftian implications that are overtly and subtly woven into the story, I think this theory holds decent water.

What are other’s thoughts and theories on this and other cryptic nuggets of the game?


From what I understand the premise of the lore is “everything is true.”

Every conspiracy theory, every legend, every myth. Blavatsky, Crowley, and others with all their wild ideas about prehistory. Lovecraft, Howard, etc. Jung’s theory of archetypes seems to be reified (at least the bit about the Shadow - I haven’t read Jung).

Admittedly, some of it is distorted. No idea what happens with contradictory tales - presumably something was distorted or else time is not linear (probably it isn’t, since time travel (sort of) works).

The only thing not true is - no aliens (I guess the designers thought aliens were overdone with X-Files, Men in Black, etc.)