Golems - Why Are They Here?

In other words, where do they fit into the Secret World lore? In the original game, they were activated by Gaia in areas of high filth corruption to fight back against it, and the Council of Venice decided they needed to be destroyed as it compromised the secret status of the societies (nice use of alliteration there :slight_smile: ), but in SWL they just to be appearing in Agartha for the sake of it. What is the context? Is there any?

Hopefully one day, the original and superior game will return and we can never speak of Secret World for Kiddies again.

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Loot piñatas for the sake of loot piñatas. There’s supposedly lore, so maybe that’ll shed light on it for ya. Or maybe not.

Check your Mission Text after you’ve defeated one. Both the Illuminati and Templars are fairly informative. (The Dragon probably as well, I have yet to check.)

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There’s a whole lore dedicated to why. Short answer, some of its the same as in TSW and some is different.

Dragon is the only one I’ve done, so far, but I hadn’t read the text until now (I took a screenshot, though).

I guess this could be considered spoiler so I’ll go ahead and use the spoiler feature.

Our models predicted the corruption of Gaia’s automatons. A minor incident, but indicative of a greater corruption of the Agartha equation. This all points to conclusions of apocalyptic significance. But a calamity predicted becomes and opportunity.

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