Next zone/ story Arc after morninglight crazy speculation

What if the reason the Manufactury hasn’t been included yet is beacuse the next zone after Congo os back to Filth Free Kaidan? :o If I remember correctly last part of manu is Anima powering up the engine to cleanse the filth from Kaidan?

I’m not entirely certain where i heard this but i am sure i did hear it from somewhere
And that is

The Manu A/B dungeons were not supposed to have been introduced when they were back in TSW and were out of sync or were in the wrong timeline. Kind of like they introduced them when they shouldn’t have happened yet just so we had something to do.

perhaps someone could clarify this as being true or not. I’ve played this game for a very long time both here and in TSW and i forget what has and hasn’t actually happened or been said and by whom. If at all.

I paid absolutely no attention to what story they contained within them, to me they were just a source for AEGIS stuffs, i hear they have vital parts to the story and i haven’t even looked at them on youtube to figure out what story they did contain and if it actually did fit with the timeline we had back then.

I honestly do not know why all the other dungeons are not yet present in SWL - because as far as i can tell, they just need to have the elite scaling turned on and added to the dungeon lists, if they can add scaling to missions that make them actually tougher than a scenario (VMC) that reward the same as a scenario. I have no idea.

Crazy speculation #2 - There is no Congo.

I made this post on Reddit a couple months ago, in response to “what did the Dragon gain out of Tokyo?”
The answer still applies.

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Mmmm…no one but Kyota knew that (about what he had control of, not that he did have control of getting things in or out of Kaidan) during the ending cutscenes for the Tokyo storyline. What all of them did know was that Kyota showed them all up and made off with the Black Pharoah’s staff, which Orochi took way back at the end of Egypt.

So, that was part of it, but not the whole thing.

That’s pretty much it, though we don’t see her actually do that.

Not at all. They were initially cut out of Issue 11 when that became too much at once.

They are very much supposed to occur directly after events on the top of Orochi Tower.

As for story: Daimon Kyota tells us there is something very important down in the manufactory and sends us in to find out what it is; when we get inside, we find John absolutely irate that we didn’t kill Lilith like he told us to. He only opened the way to the Orochi Tower because he thought we were going to kill Lilith, but instead we talked to her and gave John a bloody lip when he tried to get us on track!

He spends the entirety of “The Manufactory” trying get revenge on us, trying to kill us as often and as nastily as possible. At the end, he finds a mechanical scorpion and something much more interesting than us: Emma and a Gaia Engine. So he changes tactics, trying to get into the Gaia Engine storage. If we fail to stop him, all goes dark while Emma screams, probably because of the mecha-scorpion stinger she’d just been forcefully introduced to. If we succeed, John backs off and Emma talks a bit.

Daimon Kyota then tells us a bit more backstory, though he doesn’t come off that well in it, arguing with Emma’s teddybear (which he managed to get hold of and bring to Kaidan to lure Emma there) about how everything is totally under control and really he can fix the mess he allowed to be made by allowing the Bomb inside Kaidan. Teddy is silently right about everything including quantum mechanics. Emma shows up demanding her teddy and Daimon promises her ice cream if she helps fix Kaidan.

Emma gives us a tour of the now broken and damaged Manufactory: Breached. We kill monsters made by Orochi (including Squiddy Friend, the draug lord that convinced Emma to let it out). Then we help Emma get rid of Bad John, who has come back to get into the Gaia Engine again. John “poked” a Dreamer in order to get a guardian boar made, which he uses to try to bash his way into the Gaia Engine room. Emma helps us kick John out of the Manufactory again, even though John promises he’ll always come back.

It fits very nicely between Orochi Tower and New Dawn. It isn’t necessary to explain why John is incandescent with rage at us in New Dawn, but it certainly adds to the reasons.

That and the lore inside Manufactory give more detail about Gaia’s ultimate plans and what Bees may be.

Anyway…I hope they come back sometime.


Well now, i had done the dungeons but like i said paid no attention to it (i was heavily medicated to even play the manu dungs to begin with and really couldn’t focus much anyway so it was just grind source outside of tokyo)

But i am absolutely sure one of the devs said on a stream that it was Tilty’s idea to introduce them at that point but they were not meant to be there yet.

Again i can’t remember where i heard this but i am still sure i heard it said by one of them at some point, not that long ago either.

They may well fit and sit perfectly in with the story - but i was certain i heard one of them say that they weren’t meant to be in at that point.

who knows what parts of the whole story is missing at any point, i guess only they know and the reasons for it.

I never heard anything like that. Just that they had been removed from 11 due to time contraints. Concept art for MFB is even in the AEGIS explanation video that we got all the way at the start of 9. It would be odd to do work on it, including telling the players about it, during Issue 11 if they didn’t intend to use it until after Issue…uh…would it be 16 or maybe 17?

It wouldn’t hurt for them to be elsewhere in the timeline, I think, that said.

Yeah i just asked my partner and he also remembers me telling him this after i had been watching a stream. I can’t recall which one it was but it was deffo a one from SWL and perhaps when a question was asked on their return. So that kinda narrows it down to one of the streams from this era and not TSW era.

I will be really annoyed if this is another “mandela effect” haha

Am I the only one being peeved that Story Critical information like this is/was being told in a dungeon?
Like, all the other dungeons have story that may add to the Main Story, but they aren’t, like, vital information so if you’re not a dungeon runner, you’re fine without them.
This? Pretty dang vital if you ask me.
Then again, Dungeons are far less of a pain for me in SWL then they were TSW, so it won’t be that bad once they will be re-introduced.

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Probably not.

Personally I think having story critical information in a dungeon is one of Secret World’s strengths. I thought the Manufactories were fantastic for that reason, and I never understood why they were dismissed as “not advancing the story”.

The absolute one thing I have wanted most of all out of SWL is Story Mode Manufactories because so few people saw them in TSW and the Elite versions there, even if one did own the issue, were pretty rough.


I’d love Story Mode Manufactories. That said, from what I’ve heard they were no-kidding-around HARD, even without AEGIS. Not that that’s a bad thing but that might be a reason why they’re not easily translated into simpler mechanics.

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