Ah mostly need informations?

Yeah , this is probably something others players can answer for me . Don’t wanna waste Dev time :slight_smile: *(you guys rock in mah book!) .

So…on my Illuminati , finally got to the ending! woohooo

But since I did that , I keep getting quest ? is there more to the main story ?

I’m asking , cose I still have to do the Templar…then chaos (yeah leaving them last cose saw this thread that encouraged me to do so lol ) .

hum…thanx in advance ! :slight_smile:

When you say you keep getting quest … do you mean that you keep having the Main Story mission active?

Humm…well not old quest , just something new . The last quest that was on my main , was about taking this big abomination that was attacking werewolf . And half way trough it trigger a cutscene , and the abomination turn into a kid . Some weird guy all burned up come with a flame thrower and then he talk about Orochi .

Does that ring a bell ? cose thats the last quest I was doing .

I never finished the secret world (well the old one) , so I only recently did yay . So I though after you reach the ending , either we get those side stories…or gotta start over .

Ah okay so you should have auto gotten a new mission after that. Sometimes the game fails to trigger that though. The missions is near where you killed the abomination, on an Orochi corpse.

ok…but I don’t have an issue with the quest it self :stuck_out_tongue:
my question is : There is more ? after the ending cutscene…

Like More stuff to do ? more story ? (plz say yes!!) XD

Yes what you are doing now introduces you to the next area … all i will say =P

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If you finished the storyline in South Africa at the moment you’ll need to “wait for your handler” to contact you. Which means we’re waiting for content (which is being created at the moment) so yes there will be more in time.

Right now for things to do will be the SWL Anniversary event.

Not sure they are that far … sounds like they are doing the mission chain in Transylvania


I know sound selfish…but I’m not ready to abandon my lumi just yet! (Sorry Tempy and chaos! )

Thank you so much! :smiley:

If so then they’ve got a lot more content to go through.

oh yeah , I’m still lurking there XD I’m a slow poke…I know lol

Just one last question…(a bit spoilery…or maybe not) …

remember Cass ? Blonde short hair , hanging with the hippies ? will I ever see her again ?

I mean don’t tell me in details…a yes or a no would be ok by me .

Yes, according to the devs. But not in any current content.

oh…well…guess by the time this slow poke get trough all the stuff…maybe she be released to come play :smiley: Thank you!

Funcom’s wheels grind very, very, veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery, (did I mention very?) slowly.

kinda like meh…

Ah…soulmate stuff there :rofl: