Um. That's it? There's no more to the story?


after Into the Fold and you defeat Berihun’s automaton - that’s it? No more content? No Congo or New Carthage or whatever? Or am I missing something?

Right now that is the end of the story and were it will continue if the next zone comes out.

Please set a spoiler label on the post and use a spoiler tag.

Er. What did I spoil?

the end of the story so far, not everyone has played that far

Remember: “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”
(Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Self Reliance”)

That’s how I felt after playing Call of Cthulhu: The Official Game recently -
“Um. That’s it? There’s no more to the story?”
I feel your pain.

Wait and see, SWL it’s a game which ficus on story and character development so It needs to be carefully treated to build a great quality content. They are focused on story so game programming may be slower than other studios which rush chapters chapters with the same maps and enemies over and over but with higher difficulties, originality needs time.

You’re probably missing how by far the larger story update is essentially the side stories being told through the agent system. It’s not a very user-friendly way of telling stories (could we maybe get a log of texts we’ve seen, so wen can read up on things like we can with legends?), mind, but if you spend time watching the agent panel and RGeesus smiles upon you, you might actually get to see the entire Dante side story, or the entire Fountain of Youth side story, or even the entire Conquistador side story.