Whats the point of the ending of the game?

So…there wont be more maps?
I dont wanna spoil but do u know what happens if you finish the story? Just look at youtube…that is nonsensical.

The point of the end game is that this isn’t a game about end game. They put one in, but its not the goal. This is not like world of warcraft or games like that.

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Maybe there more for Single player mode IMHO

Hmmm. That’s odd. An end? :confused:

But…whats the point of adding an story in a map that if you end that story…you have to make an action that deletes your char?

So new maps are gonna be with a fresh char or continue being in the exiled lands? If its the second…are they gonna make the story to continue to the new map and the one now means nothing?

Does some of you reached the end of the main story? Do u know what happens?

They added it, so that some people could have a closure to the game if they wanted to.
It’s not mandatory, just a choice.
I’m sure some want to do it, when they are done with CE

Lot games have where u have start over if reach max lvl plus lvl in this game is insane with the journal plus if do right you get max in no time.

Actualy that new quest is super cool to have in roleplay server, it allow rerol with a good ending^^ (leaving the exiles land)
Before it was only death

What I think would be kinda neat is if you complete the final quest on an official server, it gives you a code to use to recreate your character in Age of Conan. Though some races in CE aren’t in AoC.

Imagine that they release a new map zone. Ok…will that zone be 1-60 again and u being an exile too? So the same story in another map? Sounds silly and anticlimatic.

And the way is the story now you cant go because if you put out the bracelet you die and if you continue with the bracelet you stay.

The entire object of the game is to escape the exiled lands. Thousands, literally THOUSANDS of videos games have endings where you complete the game and… that’s it. You’ve won. Game’s over, please play again.

The entire premise of the journey, and also the single-player element to a degree, is to escape. You’re not trying to become a king or build a castle. You are trying to get the hell back to your former life. In multiplayer, things are much different due to the element of human interaction, but the reason you were all put into the exiled lands remains the same. You are given the option not to complete the game and remain in the sandbox, however the game has a definitive beginning, middle, and end for those who wish to see it.

That is clear but doesnt answer my questions.

This game is a open world Sandbox multiplayer survival game, you yourself make your own story aka RPing and what not, you make your own lore etc; which I like, I don’t like being forced to do a story against my own will, I like to do things my own way and this game is perfect for that. :smiley:

Will there be more maps? well… the current map will be expanded more according to the blank spots on the current map, but other than that; probably not.

Joel alrready said there wont be more zones in this map. It will be another map.

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