Ending, cutscene and so on

The game is great. I like it. But the ending of the game is yeah…You could have saved the money by writing GAME OVER on the screen… The 20 seconds cutscene is …a joke.

Instead of this, why dont you guys put there some motivation ? Lets say one more map which can be entered just when you have fulfilled the main questline. In this map could be a great neutral NPC village where you can buy all possible items ingame or whatever…Or something else. No matter what. Just dont kill the game in the end with such a low quality cutscene and then all over… You have taken dawn the wall…You can travel and come back to the exiled lands whenever you want… So why deleting the char ? Instead we need a new map where you can travel to buy stuff for example (a big neutral NPC village?) if you are tierd of farming and come back to enjoy your castle, village, whatever.

Wouldnt this be great ?


I like this… I’m more interested in getting a next tier level when completing the game like ascending in Ark. Funcom bypassed the need for that by giving us fragments of power instead but 15 more attribute points per ascension would be great and motivate the player to complete the game. 1357 hrs and not once have I turned in my trophies to end this because I’ve seen the cutscene and I’m not impressed and certainly not willing to start from scratch again with nothing to see for it.

I can hear it now; “that will make players to over powered and unfair”. But ya know what, this world wasnt designed for participation trophies. We work, we bust our bums to advance and in the end their should be a meaningful reward.



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