End of the game

So it is possible to end the game and escape exiles land - but why dont Funcom do it more interesting for online??
It would be cool if somebody escape - the whole land got purged - and everybody have to start from the beginnning - except of the one who escaped) he stell have his lvl)
It would be nice especially when the storyline will finally finished)

lol and that player has to defend the end or risk his stuff being gone

Though the thought is entertaining, I could only see that as a good way for all servers to shut down by the end of the week due to unmanageable ammounts of drama.

People would “repeatedly” rush to the end of the game. The builders and explorers would get straight up ****** off.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about human nature, it’s that if you leave an opening for someone to be a jerk, someone will innevitably exploit it.

You definitely need a big clan and more then a week to get all items)

Nah, I hit 60 and had a large base set up on the third day after launch, solo in a fresh x1 server. I could easilly see players doing it in just as short a delay, or shorter.

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Do u know how to end the game?))))))

I’ll admit, I do not. But I would honestly be surprised if it wasn’t something that could be done quickly by focusing all your energy to that end, once you DO know and understand the progression towards it. Speed runners can be scarry fast.

So why do u write about things u do not know?))))

Because that does not matter.

You may want to tone down your angst. I’m not here to pick a fight.

Not really. If you look around you’ll see people were completing the game within a day or two after launch.

i like to see a character+

After you finish the game you restart with a new character creation option and a character+
that mean you level up to 60 and get another 60 level to go to so after the restart you can get to level 120 and get maybe in the character + new unique abillity from the god’s like Proof of Yog that you can eat direct from dead enemys and more so every god get you a abillity you only can once reach level 120 after that its done.

And for hardcore players a “permadeath” that reastets your level to 1 if you get killed :stuck_out_tongue:


Let us new game+ and keep all our knowledge points.

for lvl 60 it’s exceptionally easy and doable in couple of hours

since the feats are just a big F-U to singeplayer, i would like a levelcap increas with each game+. maybe 20 levels more, harder enemies, new weapons/armors/recipes. etc. wasted potential.

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I wouldn’t say “wasted” as much as “unexploited”. This game’s release was rushed, corners were cut to meet deadlines and they are still desperately trying to stabilize what they do have. I think those features would fall under “things that would be nice to have later on.”

Wasted potential would refer to things such as oversights they have done in the game’s base foundations, such as boxing themselves into a mindset where fast travel would not be accepted, to a point where their coding would break if they tried adding it in at this point or in the future, unless they reworked the entire game’s foundations. That’s what I would consider wasted potential.

I do and, yes, it can be done extremely fast by a player who knows what they are doing. A clan could do it exponentially faster as they all simply split up and do all parts simultaneously.

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That’s what I imagined too. There are definitely games out there that could take longer then three days to finish, but since the story was not the main focus of this game, I would have been really surprised if nobody could get through it quickly.

Yeap with admin mode))) You have to defeat all bosses - and you need time for it