Add A Reward or Incentive for Escaping the Exiles

As it currently stands the ultimate goal of the game is to escape the exiles, but from a player’s point of view, there is no real reward or sense of accomplishment besides an achievement which most of us on official PvP servers could care less about. After you collect all the quest items by defeating all the bosses and clearing certain dungeons, you are ready to escape the exiles but knowing what lies ahead just demotivates most people and you end up throwing those items in a box. Much like Ark, they also have an end game dungeon and boss that once completed allowes you to further your character by increasing your level cap. Now it’s not say Conan should do the same but some form of incentive needs to be added to encourage players on officials PvP to complete it because as it stands now, recreating your character and starting from level 1 is a waste of time and just not end game worthy.


Hell with PVP servers after all the effort it takes to build a nice base on PvE servers you think I am starting over and losing all my stuff?

Even if the other players on my server let me keep my location (they likely would I don’t have any close by bases) I don’t want to have to spend all my time building it all again!

If there was at least a reward for it all then maybe it would be worth it, but otherwise nope sorry Exiled land is home now, I live here.

Yeah funcome you really dropped the ball on this one. You create a game that requires and rewards massive amounts of time and effort to build up your character and base, hell your empire. To beat the bosses and collect their items only to be rewarded with “congrates, you get to start all over!” Seriously, how much did you guys smoke to think hey this is a great idea!

So you do care about it?