Incentive to re-roll and "escape" exiles lands at end game

Would it be possible to add some serious one time incentives for players in the END game Content to finish the game and escape, this deleting everything they own and making a new character?

What about adding extremely unique and interesting “unlockable” character customization options for besting the game and making a new character, ALONG with 2 permanent extra STAT points that you are given at level 1 after besting the game up to a maximum of 10 stat points total (could only finish the game and reroll 5 times before you no longer got extra stats)?

For the customization aspect you could give a player progressively more unique and fun customization options each time they reroll up to a maximum of 5 times, i.e. - 1st reroll after besting the game gets you 2 new hairstyles, 2 new eye colors ECT just 2 new of each, and each time you reroll you still have access to the ones previously unlocked for finishing the game.

Think using a 1st reroll hairstyle with a 3rd reroll skin palette and a 5th reroll eye color.

Maybe add skin palettes covered in tattoos or scars/wounds ECT and for the final and 5th reroll add undead looking customization options like glowing eyes and rotting limbs ECT?


Or what if you were given the option to not have a bracelet. Kind of like how Conan sticks around to help even though he doesn’t have to. I guess then there is a small problem of what to do when you hit the green wall . . . maybe instead of dying, give a prompt asking if you really want to leave and if so it will mean character recreation again?

Another random thought i had was to give players who have ‘finished the game’ 10 or 20 attribute points to start out with. It wouldn’t have to be additional attribute points, just points that you would be able to start out with right away. Then when you get to level 59 or 60 you would just get 10 or 20 less so that you wouldnt have more or less than any other level 60 player


From what @Shadoza has said, in single player, all of your structures and thralls remain when the bracelet is removed. This allows us to create our own great reward for our next character. I’m looking forward to trying it out when I have the chance.

The end-game needs to be reworked completely, I personally would like to see some kind of carry over attributes, title, ability. Or maybe even a unique craftable item. Are some capability acquired oh, that would be worth the rinse and repeat of starting over after completion


This was discussed in a recent stream. The developers are aware that there is currently no incentive to start over and they’d like to have something. But the statistical fact is, very few people actually recreate their characters, so spending dev resources on something that benefits only a small fraction of the player base isn’t cost-effective.

One point for the devs to consider, of course, would be this: if there was an incentive to recreate character, would more people start doing so?


I’m aware of the stream, but your argument is invalid it’s like what came first the chicken or the egg.

If they engineering develop a quality system people will reroll

The reason why people aren’t re-rolling is there is absolutely no point. What came first the chicken or the egg, that’s why the whole system needs to be relooked at and visited


Aren’t we saying basically the same thing? Which of my arguments is invalid?

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Shadoza I have always wondered, can you knock out your previous characters thralls and put them on your new characters Wheel if Pain?

hows about… you dont leave, you unite the gods, challenge crom and gain the ability to be an avatar.


Hmmm… maybe some level cap increase? Lvl 60 cap from the first “try”, lvl 70 cap for the next “try”, and so on? It would be a great advantage for PVP, but devs must rework artifacts a bit - forbid passing some of them from one player to another. Maybe just one piece that everyone has to get by themselves being high-level.

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Well that just sounds mean, what’d Crom ever do to you?

I’m planning on leaving some nice thralls and equipment. Maybe keep the crafting thralls and an exile T4 fighter near the Noob river and the nice T4 fighters a little further north so they don’t dominate too early. In addition, I’ll keep a nice treasure full of T3 building materials in my old base as a reward for sieging it.


I omitted phrase “for a clan”. PVP clans would be interested in super-high-level players.

That’s why I suggest to make one piece of the final artifact strictly adhering to character. Leveling in a good and friendly clan is a bit easier but you’ll still have to get this thingie by yourself and not from some clan vault.

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