Incentives for Completing the Game

It seems pointless to remove your bracelet the correct way. You simply leave the exiled land anticlimactic if you ask me. You can literally skip all of the steps and just chose the option to recreate your character from the pause menu.

I have a few suggestions to improve the game and be rewarded for completion.

-A level cap increase with your new character

-Access to areas beyond the ‘wall’ and the ability to traverse back and forth freely. Areas with an insane difficulty and the harshest of creatures and npcs.

-New customization options on character creation, maybe a new race? Who wouldn’t want to be a reanimated skeleton or a serpentman.

These are just ideas, criticism is welcome as well as further suggestions and/or additions.


The removal of the braclet is a pointless at the mo. I think access to some kind of area or dungeon (Maybe some kind of mission fighting along side Conan?) but with the bare minimum of being able to go back and access the Exiled lands after all Conan is able to move freely, hell you could always wander back to the desert and “free new exiles” from their crosses :slight_smile:
Even if they just added a city where you could go and recruit new thrall commanders for your forces would be a good addition.

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Or maybe the city has access to the lost races such as the acheronians who were wiped out by the hyborians long ago.

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could do and even unlock building pieces for you to craft so when you go round the map you can tell who the players are that have removed their bracelets.

I just wish there was more of a reason to beat the game.

The eventual plan for properly removing the bracelet is you walk through the curse wall and are taken to the download page for Age of Conan