Punished for defeating the game?

Is this game still set up to delete your character if you defeat the game to get your bracelet removed?

If so then why would someone do it, keeping in mid the cut scene can be viewed on YouTube?

There should be a reward for defeating the game not a punishment…maybe it’s just me.


You’re exiled in a land that’s meant to kill you. Leaving the place after removing what’s keeping you in there sounds like the most logical way to end the game. I’m sorry, if I were there and was able to remove my bracelet, I’d leave too.


That sounds like a decent ending from a story line perspective. Or one could say from that same perspective that you “Rule the land”, after defeating it. And such an ending does far more from a game play perspective. That is the perspective I am speaking too.

This is a game that never has to end. It is a sandbox game with much to offer beyond the story line. Why force the choice to experience the story content or continue paying? That game mechanic DEFINATELY encourages folks to stop playing there…weeks/months of work just goes POOF when you do that…for survival games like this such actions that are deliberate or accidental on the part of devs often gets folks to think about moving on from the game.

I know there are MANY ways to look at it and support the current set up (I am assuming by your answer that it has not changed) but why not make the end game compatible with all desires of game play.

My suggestion is make the game more continually fun and inviting for those who want to play it for a long time…or forever…or whatever.

Some suggestions:

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Make end game armor: Something cool looking that displays the status of “been there done that”. Shows off that you beat the game. (much better than a new level one character showing up claiming to be a former high level…) the stats do not (and I would recommend should not) be better than other end game armors. At least not significantly.

Same for an end game weapon.

Change the lore from leaving the land (and possibly the game…) to Ruling the land. Maybe you acquire a crown to wear to show you are a ruler of the land.

I am not sure how well these forums are moderated. I am new to this game (got it May 7th and so my perspectives and suggestions reflect that) but could it be possible to move this to a suggestion thread.


Absolutely @Shadoza . Yes there are many ways to look at it positively and as a sound way to do things. But I am new the the game. I am loving it and I have been gathering the things needed to beat the game unaware of what that actually does …until recently. I would like to not just keep those in a box forever. But use them beat the game and continue playing without starting over. Sure, it’s a have cake and eat cake thing. But as I am sayng it is a suggestion that WOULD make the game more enjoyable to newer players.

And would you be very upset if they changed it to how I suggested? Are all the fans of the game going to cry out if that gets changed? I mean is it too far off from just never logging in again? Is it SO important to have that (from what I have see on youtube) less 60 second or so cut scene before you put the game down for good?

I don’t understand the reasoning “ritual table”? but it sux that you can not.

Another solution would be to present a choice at the time of removing the bracelet: A) Escape the Exiled lands! or B) Stay and be a ruler of the exiled lands you have conqured!

I read what you posted about this in another thread (it’s what you said here)

I am proposing even MORE options. I play PvE (maybe one day PvP) and I enjoy exploring the lands…much to explore…it will take some time, longer than it takes to beat the game. After that there is endless building options. Gotta make that super awesome Conan/Barbie house! And decorations for days… Would like to not have to wait till I am sick of the game to beat it. By then I just won’t care and just won’t log in any more…so the way it is now…I will probably never do it.

Edit add: Just thought of a trophy you could earn and display for defeating the game. There is no limit to the ideas/things that can be a reward for defeating the game. But “Your character will be permanently deleted” is NOT a “reward”. It is just a thing…or as I see it a punishment. Cause I do not dare do it as the punishment for doing so will bring me great sadness and frustration. I worked HARD and put A LOT of hours in to get what I have. I want to put beating the game under my belt but…there is that “punishment” for doing it… Maybe that helps present my perspective better.

I don’t remember this being a complaint in 1985 with most NES games that had endings and stopped.

Why is this an issue in 2018? Can a Millennial or Gen Y explain this to me?


My first game was Pong. :smile:
I had been to many arcades as a kid as well back in the 80’s. Games are much different now then they were back then. Back then you left your mark with your initials or short cuss word to leave your mark with the high score to show all that came after you how good you were at the game. The biggest difference is that the games back then HAD to end…NES, arcade, whatever… No choice. Now they NEVER have to end.

I could make a HUGE base that stands upright in the shape of my initials…The above are my better suggestions. :wink:

I found a good image that best supports my ideas above:

Fair enough, you can remain and “rule the land”, while I’d leave, enjoy life without having to survive in such a harsh land, and depending on exactly how I got placed into those exiled lands in the first place, I’d be out for revenge.

Though I’m not sure why you’d choose to be the king prisoner over leaving and going on your merry way, besides the gameplay mechanic of losing your character.


Arent there going to be expansions that will probly take a player beyond level 60 eventually? If that is the case then it makes sense to not want to end the game now, and give up your level 60 character and all that he or she has accomplished, only to start over again at level one when new DLC’s and expansions are introduced into the game. I mean, it would be nice to just be able to put the game down at level 60 with all of your things even after “winning” the game in case expansions are added into the game that may, or may not, only be accessible by a level 60 or higher level character. As much as I like the game, its much more fun playing it at higher levels than it is at the beginning levels. TBH, I doubt anyone really knows what the future content for Conan will look like down the road. Better to be safe than sorry :frowning:

Then your memory sucks because no persistent game ever has ended like that. You finish the game, they let you go back to do whatever. You dont reach 1 million population in simcity and it goes like congrats! and blows up your city. You keep going. Conan straight up deletes your character.

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Oh really, then I’m going to call you a liar if you cannot produce evidence of such a complaint from 33 years ago.

I haven’t been around very long at all, so please correct me if I am wrong, but my experience with video games so far is that single player games usually do have an ending but multi-player games like MMORPGs generally do not. It would be interesting if anyone could name an MMORPG that ended after which the game deleted your character and then had you start the game again at level one. That said, Conan can certainly be played in single player mode so there is no harm to anyone if a player wants their game to end after satisfying all objectives in single player. Either way, why not just make it an option in all game modes? I would think it would be best to let the player decide how they want to end their game.

Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 to Final Fantasy XIV 2.0: A Realm Reborn.

But this is a bit of a red herring since Conan Exiles is not a MMORPG. It is a Singleplayer/Co-Op/PVP Survival Game. The quest in question is the Singleplayer ‘ending’. Its there for people who want to reroll in multiplayer scenarios outside of simply clicking recreate.

One thing Funcom should do, despite my disdain of Official servers is make an achievement in Steam that has you complete the quest on an Official server.

I finished the game a few days ago. It’s completely and utterly pointless. The cutscene is just your character walking through the cursed wall… that’s it.

If you want to finish the game just press Escape and click Recreate Character. Congratulations, you get the same result without a lame cutscene.

It’s not that harsh. The highlands are actually quite pleasant; I’d be perfectly content to live out the rest of my days in my harem-filled castle with all the exotic shellfish and mead I could ever desire. At least that’s what I’d say if my traps worked.

I had the same problem; there was no altar. I switched from TestLive to Live and joined someone’s dedicated server to see if the altar was there. It was not. So then I switched back to TestLive and the altar appeared on my SP game. I’m assuming Steam redownloading some files fixed the issue.

1.0 had a pretty epic ending too though. Players were standing around waiting to see the world ravaged by Bahamut when the servers finally went down. It was so cool and had a great cutscene.

FFXIV 1.0 Ending

Skip to 5:20 for the cutscene.


I’d be perfectly fine with my character in Conan Exiles being deleted if the ending was at least somewhat ‘good’; but it was very disappointing. Worst ending I’ve ever seen in a game, and not because my character was deleted.

I agree except that I think it should also be attainable in SP as long as you never used a mod or gave yourself admin privileges. It would still be the worst ending ever, but at least there would be a reason to go through with it.

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There should be “SOMETHING” you get for beating the game other than a deleted character. This is No Man’s Sky level laziness.

@ExNihiloish states things really well. I have two ‘homes’ in CE. A northern one that is my main keep and town and my southern one which is my tropical vacation outpost. I RP this in SP as well. My thralls are my towns folk and I am the Hyborian/Nemedian Lord that they ‘decided’ to follow.

When starting this game you have this wrist band and in a dry desert wasteland almost dead. I listen to the strange alien wall’s message and figure it out quickly that if I take this wrist band off I will die. I walk most of the way to the first water then run and dive in whilst avoiding any crocodiles :slight_smile:. From there I make the conscious decision to Live or Call it Quits. I choose to Live and make the Most of a really bad situation. And so life goes on.

I simply don’t want to leave so I don’t play the end cutscene which is meh anyhow. So think of it as making another choice…you have done Great Honor Slave and now are free to leave or stay as long as you like. Since there ARE NO game plays lands in Hyboria outside of this ‘painted landscape’ you Chose to leave. That character is gone. That is not punishment in my opinion. A choice was simply made.

The cutscene is definitely lazy though. Perhaps they will make it better someday. :slight_smile:


I think what would have been better for this is unlocking the bracelet would have had more significance.
It allows you to escape the cursed lands … okay. In other words you get to go past the ghost wall without the penalty of being immediately killed.
Unfortunately, you get to start over from scratch again which is what we really don’t want.

So I thought of an alternative:

  1. Put the original cursed wall back in it’s original position (as it was before the expansion).
  2. Locate the artifacts back into the original map in various dungeons with their respective bosses at the end of each dungeon. (Except the Serpent Ring of Set).
  3. Make it a quest-story line where the player/s seek their freedom to pass the ghost fence …
    to enter the new areas on a journey to ultimately find and defeat Thoth Amon (the holder of the Serpent Ring of Set). Make it a scalable difficulty event. (from solo to multiplayer depending on the number of players in a group).

One player gets to have the Serpent Ring of Set (becoming the new High Priest of Set) and is given the powers of “dark magic” … able to summon the undead and demons to fight for them.
Their first new challenge will be to defend their position from a ghost-undead version of Mek Kamoses who wants the ring for himself. If they are defeated by Mek Kamoses, then Mek becomes the new world boss champion that must be toppled by players seeking the Serpent Ring of Set.
They keep the ring as long as they are undefeated. But once they are defeated, the ring goes into the possession of the player striking the killing blow (or Mek) defeating the “New High Priest of Set”.

Other than this, once they are free to pass the cursed wall, they are free to travel throughout the map unhindered.
They have earned their freedom and are given a title suitable for their great deed by the Ghosts of the Triumvirate. (who are in fact the remnants of a long vanished Elder Race who were betrayed).


@Vahlok that would be pretty cool and would create a new, fun element for PvP.

Alternatively, I’d be happy if they simply removed the bracelet, kept your character in the game and made the Cursed Wall a solid object that didn’t kill you but was still impassable. Then later release DLC with additional lands that players who have removed their bracelets can explore, perhaps even including the location that Thoth Amon is currently residing (Stygia I think but I’m not sure.). And improve the cutscene at the ending of course. It’s garbage.

The current ending seems short-sighted. They could have done any number of things that would lead into paid DLC.

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@Vahlok Right! Great idea(s). Could also use ‘The Unnamed City’ as a massive/epic battle/war for the setting. Could be instanced so that it does not affect exploration of the city during that time for others.

Or u know, treat it as the single player end game it’s meant to be?