Removed bracelet!

I’ve reached a point where I felt like I have beaten the game. Mega home, vast collection, etc etc.

My character has removed the bracelet and now free.

Back to pebbles and sticks it is for me.


That was like the saddest thing I have ever read on this forum. Tragic.

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I’m never leaving or breaking this bracelet. Plus. Its fashion.

Plus I cant imagine leaving Princess Puddles of Doomaria.


I couldn’t bare starting again, maybe something to do when I finally get bored

Hello, Well that bracelet thingy u remove once u supposed reach end game <---- is blah to me Lame. But if some want start over again good for you. I read all over Game different Forum’s those wanting reach end Game to be first to do it or curios, Think about in that respect a lot of Many secrets or vistas you can find just went capout. I don’t ever think about end Game stuff besides a Game meant to be use so extreme patience. Rushing thing like real life is the same a lot of detail & Awesome stuff be lost. I will always take my time in game rather than Bunny hop to new all the time. Those think otherwise is your Game do as you want.

Currently the only reason to break the bracelette is to redo your hair

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Another player on the server inherited everything I had. It’s a little weird seeing my ex-base but I’m happy. I’m really enjoying starting over from scratch and look forward to this new beginning.


I’ll consider removing my bracelet when the journey step for leaving the exiled lands is automatically unlocked for the next character I make.

As it is now, ‘Escape the Exiled Lands’ is a journey step you will never clear from log. As soon as you do… POOF! New character! Start over! All journey steps reset to uncompleted!

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