Just got my bracelet key

if I activate it I am kick off the game, that is was Conan and the Archivist are saying, yes?
So, do I lose my character for ever or can I ■■■■ it back?

If you activate it your character escapes and it is game over for that character. You’ll make a new one after that.

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i understand the principle behind but that suxx …
So I need to be in a clan to reuse all my base equipment. Just have to dump the bed before so I can reuse the same space I guess.

Seriously? End game in this game is starting over?


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The choice is yours. Be free of the bracelet and leave the exiled lands, or stay and dominate.


This isn’t the first game to do this…

Why is it suddenly a problem now?


This is comparing apples to oranges. Your argument is invalid.

Good luck trying to prove that.

Because you are wrong.

Sure, let’s compare a single player campaign game against a multiplayer, survival game…

Hey, while you’re at it, you should compare Conan Exiles to Clash of Clans since they are as similar as Zelda and Conan Exiles.

You and your argument are invalid. Go away.

Well, considering the general goal is to escape the place (since its compared to being in a living hellhole), why wouldnt the end game be that you escape? What you think is stupid, is having to start over…
But why would a person stay in, what is essentially an incredibly hellish prison, with death lurking everywhere? I say this is the best/only ending this game should/could have…
As Cattibria says, you can choose not to. I havent done it, not once since release…
Usually, i just drop whatever is related to the bracelet freeing quest, because i dont need it :slight_smile:
Freedom of choice at work here

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It would be cool for multiplayer to change it to give you a special item or title or something. The fact that it’s just left as is from single player is poor thought out game design. Hopefully it will change so it will be worth doing the quests in multiplayer.

I really dont see how its poor thought out game design O.o you’re meant to escape…
Its basically the idea you get as you start, and Conan says you cant cross the cursewall with the bracelet on…
You need to get the bracelet off, and escape…
Sure, you could make it a trophy or something, and let you stay, but really who would stay? O.o again, the Exiled Lands are compared to a living hell…
Why the f*** would you stay? I cant exit my house and not get chased by tigers at some point? Pirates even, Cannibals, Slavers and hell knows what. Theres no reason to stay there, if you CAN leave O.o

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The astonishing ending cinematic should be enough reward for you to finish the game. Don’t miss it.

No worries will do :slight_smile :smiley:
Finishing the few Journey steps left and last Steam achievements first.

Then they should implement different behavior in SP and MP.

SP could remain the same (although I still think it’s silly).

MP could reward you with something unique, like maybe a Perm Warpaint, special recipes, a title, there are so many options. If you’re playing MP and you happen to finish this and your character is deleted you would rage.

Let’s compare this to something more recent (also singleplayer) like Subnautica. You spend all that time gathering resources and building a base to essentially end up doing the same thing. Escape the abandonment to return home, leaving all of your hard work behind.

It’s better than the never ending treadmill of MMO’s that never have closure. They keep you running that treadmill constantly getting better gear (1-2 shotting new players) for years until you get bored and leave.

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I actually had to use the bracelet in order to fix my glitched character. So I welcomed the quest.

Plus a few of us have completed it and left bracelets around the server in open boxes to troll some people who use it and don’t read hahaha.

Every time I used a yellow lotus potion I’d get kicked from the server for a unreliable buffer overload. Completing the quest fixed my char. Only took 5 hours to get back to 60 during dbl xp weekend so not bad.

Best of luck.

I compared two games with endings. And I’m here to stay. You just have to deal with it. I took your choice from you.