Just got my bracelet key



Best of luck.


I compared two games with endings. And I’m here to stay. You just have to deal with it. I took your choice from you.





Quite simple: Since the Legend of Zelda the concept of a New game+ has been introduced to the single player experience.(Some kind of reward for completing the game, or new twist or thing to make starting over more interesting than simply starting a new character without beating the game first… )

In short people want beating the game to have some lasting effect on what they can do with the game… (Even something as simple as some kind of unlock-able art gallery that you earn by beating the game would be something…)


In other words, some silly emotional attachment. This right here is why clans will leave a server when I knock down their doors in PVP with a trebuchet (with no offline raiding).

Interest in PVP has been dwindling. But in Landmark Early Access I saw players hit a new low and say PVE was too much. Some of this is obviously leaking over here.


Please don’t. It was just sarcasm. It’s not worthy.



Thing is… If you’re making a giant clan and making awesome buildings and huge farmings, it’s clear that you don’t want/need to remove the bracelet. You’re creating a kingdom in the exiled lands, and when the purge happens you just slap them back to their mommas.

Perhaps the bracelet is for “retiring”, as it would certainly work for RP purposes, or a player quitting the game for instance. I like it as an option, but I don’t see it as a goal on MP. Also, the outcast frost giant raises some good points as to not remove it.


My biggest issue with some of the complaints is… its a choice. The choice bothers them. You can choose to make a new character or not. The principle of making a new character bothers them. It bothers them so much that they want it removed, they want the choice removed from players who would like to do it.

There is a few armors and sets in the game I see people use in PVP. I think those sets are rubbish for what they are using them for. They’re gimping themselves, and in some cases heavily (like Hyrkanian in melee). Am I going to make a claim to see that armor removed from them? No, its their choice. They think its cool and more power to them.

Same thing here. The bracelet key quest is optional. Its there for players who want to use it. That should be enough. But this is the third thread suggesting they change or in some cases remove it. I’ve seen players who do the quest in order to reroll a new character, especially on a RP server. It gives them a sense of closure with the character. For them and everyone who plays with them.

But the OP of this thread wants to take that away. That’s silly at best. And malevolent selfish at worst.


@Taemien My point precisely.


Noooo…don’t change or remove it. :sob: I use the end game key to roll a new character without losing access to all the buildings I created. I like it that way and don’t want it to change. I like the concept that the world looks as if someone had been there before me. If I don’t like a building anymore, I can E-destroy it.


The OP of this thread - ME- do not want to take the “gone-for-ever” part away, hence my further comment. Just it would be good to have the option to come back after.
Conan and Razma do not have bracelet and yet are still in the exiles land … why not a player?


Guys, video games are a form of entertainment. You play them because they’re fun.

In a single player game, I am happy to beat the game and start again from the beginning. In those games, progression and game mechanics (like the combat system) are usually the fun parts. There is no competition with other players, so starting from scratch lets you enjoy the story, the progression, and the game mechanics all over again with no real down side.

It’s different for multiplayer games. There is a feeling of competition there. In Conan, for example, you get stronger, you build up defensible bases, and you discover new parts of the world. All advantaged that help you hold your own in the game world, whether that’s becoming a pillar of the community on a PvE server or a force to be feared on a PvP server. I can’t see why anyone would want to restart on multiplayer if it means their original character being deleted


What if… they later implement a new bigger land afterwards and you could travel back and forth from that land and the exiled land. Food for thoughts. lol. Either way. It doesn’t bother me at all.


So … just done it ! indeed how was I to miss that end part :smiley:
Recreated the very same char after, leveling up with all end game equipment and thralls is really easy.


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