There is no achievement for ending game? O_o

My friend and I played Conan from the beta, saw its ups and downs, bought all the DLC, experienced every update starting our journey anew. We vividly remember crossbows, but this is not about that.
After so many years, we still got together with friends and were able to get all the artifacts to create that cherished key that will help to remove the bracelet and go free. But, when my faithful friend was able to do so and we saw him off into the sunset, he stunned us with the news that there was no achievement for the end of the game …
What is it like?
Okay, well, we understand that this is a trifle, but even so, we played Conan for so many years and could not overcome this milestone. But when we were able, we played and survived as best we could, and at the end your character simply does not melt and you are not even given this “well, you’re cool” achievement.

I hope that this does not take you much time and effort, and you add this small but very important element of the game, for all of us who live, survive and die for freedom on the Land of Exile.
Thank you.

the crossbows were so-so, it was good that they removed.


Yup, I completed it in about 2 months of semi-casual play. Nothing happens. You just lose your character. But all hints and texts along the way suggested that was going to be the case too, so, it wasn’t much of a surprise.


Exactly. After I read about the non exciting experience of “finishing” the game, I never tried. What is the point other than saying; “I finished the game” lol. You lose everything and your avatar gets deleted.
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If you’re in a clan and not the clan owner, you just strip naked 1st. Then all you lose is your character. Assuming your clanmates like you well enough to invite you back in. ;D

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