Something Fun with Conan Himself

Conan is in the bar and asks you to let him know if you see Razma of Shen. You then kill the witch queen and get the key to Razma’s house where you can talk to the now freed individual. You should be able to tell Conan that she is there and have him walk over. Then maybe have some shenanigans happen? idk. It just feels like that story ark stops before it has an ending. Maybe you give Conan the key to her place and the key stone and they ride off into the sunset together.


In the game world, there are NPCs that really need small quests to complete them. (Conan, Priest of Seth, Highlander (gives equipment), a merchant in Sepermeru and others) It is not necessary that there is a reward (weapons / armor, for example, keys to dungeon or exchange of goods opened). It is possible for NPCs to move to new areas of interest for those players who have already completed the quest.

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I’m focused on a story line that is 99% complete. Forget a new DLC give us closure on the in game story lines.

Yeah, I think Conan should at least somehow acknowledge that we’ve saved Razma. If getting NPCs to move to another spot would be too confusing (as it would require instancing NPCs on multiplayer servers), at least change his dialogue to match the events that transpired during the Witch Queen brouhaha.


This is something, that may seem small and unimportant, but for me it would mean a lot too. I think that conan exiles would be more awesome, if it has some story parts completions. Nice post :+1:, thank you for bringing this up.

It does have stories. There are two sets of ghosts with story lines and three lore stone sorry lines. Also the Razma story line. Or are you talking about some kind of story quest thing?

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