**SPOILER ALERT** Game ending is an epic disappointment

I just watched a youtube video that showed what happens when you beat the game. None of this game matters if when i finally beat the game, it destroys the character i worked so hard…and spent my precious little free time…to build. And takes me back to the create a new character screen. Not happy about that, and i feel like i wasted my money, but more importantly months and months of my time during pre-release. I was so hopeful. I was hoping the ending would be that i take off my bracelet, KEEP my awesome character that i worked so hard to build, and be able to explore lands beyond the Curse Wall. Funcom, how could you do this to us? Is this a joke or fun for you to see all us poor scmucks build sandcastles and then you get to kick them over as our “reward” for beating the game? How could you !? My trust and faith in funcom is lost. I guess its time to find a new game.


It should be possible to continue playing with your character… i agree.That sucks.


you can either free your character from the prison or you can stay in the prison and play[/spoiler]. Game is situated inside the cursed wall… not outside. SO AGAIN… keep your character and play. Or be a “Hero” and save your character and play again… Wtf is wrong with you people?[spoiler]This text will be blurred


So does your world stay? Buildings and such? Or is it a total wipe?

you can choose, if you wish toe end the game by leaving the exiled lands and deleting your character, OR stay and keep playing with all your buildings and stuff. If you leave your character is deleted and you receive achievement

I have no idea, but i’m not gonna waste any more of my precious time to find out myself. Would be curious to know the answer to that, though.

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My reaction was: :scream: is that really the end of the game? why does it have an end? Age of Conan did not have an ending like that, I felt like when I saw a user reach the center of the galaxy in No Man’s sky :sweat_smile:

I really don’t see the problem? You free the character, hence they get out of the exiled lands which is, after all, where we play the game? I mean… You can just choose NOT to do it, there really isn’t anyone forcing you to… Since I heard what it does I’ve actively just dropped every single item that has to do with the “quest” to free yourself… On that note, I admittedly only find it to be a fitting ending. Really, as mentioned above, you free the character, and it’s basically established that the place is hell and if possible everyone would walk past the curse wall to get out. Problem is the bracelets… Not sure about everyone else but that’s what I get from the lore that’s in the game… You don’t get freedom in the exiled lands, only if you leave… Which technically makes leaving and freeing the character the only way to end the game, which is of course what happens

As for the person asking why there even is an ending, that would most likely be because back in early access i personally remember seeing people request an ending… So,to my memory at least, it’s a requested feature

Actually, I am scared to answer this because I am afraid it was a glitch and it will be changed if I share. (Whoa that sounds bad of me.)

I wanted to see the ending of my character walking through the cursed wall without penalty. It was a tough decision for me as I had just spent a great amount of time building a nice plot in the jungle. I made the decision and clicked the use button. The game gave me one last option to back out. I was sadden by the thought of losing my buildings, but closed my eyes and clicked.

After some concerning sounds and the endgame video, the game appeared to be resetting. When the resent ended, I was brought back to the cross, the character creation window. I created the new character and was freed from the cross as happened every time I start a fresh game. I headed out to the populated areas collecting supplies as I went. I played this game before and knew what awaited me ahead…or I thought I did.

Just before I reached the populated area where I would be challenged by man and beast with only fiber and stone to save me, I saw something. The roof of a small shack. Rae, my previous character had built a small building and included a wooden chest, campfire and extra supplies. She must have returned after talking to the friendly adventurer as I also found a supply of oil to cook gruel, a bow and a fist full of bone arrows, an extra water bladder (though empty), and a torch with a couple lumps of coal for repairs. The best discover was that I didn’t have to break the door down, I could just open it and walk in.

As I continued my adventures, I discovered other buildings she had left behind. I could use them as well and found the work tables and bench were accessible. Usually when I recreate a character they are not. I was concerned that when I logged out and returned, all the items would be gone or not useable. So, I took what was level appropriate and started building my own home. When I logged back in, everything was still there and still available for me to use. The only difference was that the buildings and items no longer had an owners name attached to it.

What I don’t know is if this was intended, if the buildings I had not found during the first day are still there, and if this will keep happening or if them buildings created by Rae will disappear should I restart the game via endgame items again. I play solo/co-op. I do not know the behavior of public servers.

What I do know: I have decay turned off. I like the idea of abandoned buildings remaining. I can destroy them if I don’t want them in game and need buildings to use as targets for explosives. I would do this ending again if the same results were guaranteed. My server settings remained so I didn’t need to recalculate what works for me.