A BIG Disapointment

I was hoping this was an actual Role playing game.
Instead I find it is kill, kill, kill everything before it or they kill you! That is NOT role playing! Role playing involves non-violent encounters were you can actually accomplish something like trading, exchanging information, or any other activities that does not involve killing or being killed. This is just another shooting up game without the guns…
As I said, a disappointment that does not inspire me to pay for any other Funcom game.

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It’s a sandbox game. It has little dialogue - that’s true. It tells a story, though, and a pretty intrigueing one. You have to explore the world to find it, but then it’s pretty… captivating and thought provoking. The style it’s told in is, certainly, a matter of taste (and patience).

The term “role-playing game” is pretty vague. In computer games, it often only refers that the character you play ist customizable in some way during the game via levelling, skill trees or something similar. Conan has that.

Maybe try a role-playing server. There’re other people there to talk to if that’s important to your gaming experience.

P. S.: Full disclosure: I clicked on the thread expecting a penis joke. It wasn’t, though. Hope never dies.


When it comes to my hard earned money and video games, i tend to look at video reviews that that spell out what i am considering purchasing before doing so. In this day and age, a game that has been out for 5 years is bound to have a multitude of reviews.

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While I agree Conan Exiles is lacking in the trade, quest, rpg side of things… you should try some of the mods. There are a couple servers that have gone to great lengths to upgrade gameplay with great succes. I hate that the official game is so lackingbin some departments, and I don’t like relying on unofficial servers myself. But give it a shot. Some of the bigger ones with discords and plent of mods seem like a whole different game. Plus, CE is teetering on a very large update in the next few weeks/months.

It is an open world sandbox game with survival elements. Roleplaying is achieved using your own creativity and imagination. You can create towns and villages, temples, castles, shops, gardens, zoos and museums. You can also race mounts, shoot archery targets, raise animals, read and find books and recipes. Maybe try exploring ruins, diving to the depths of the ocean floor or climbing the highest mountain. And you can do all of this across 9 very dinstinctive biomes. How much more roleplay do you actually need…!?

There are numerous NPCs dotted around the map whom you learn religions, emotes, and recipes from, in addition to mercantile exchange of currency for weapons, resources, hiring craftsmen, or partake in a simple conversation with. There are also over 80 lore stones spread throughout the world which will delve into the backstory in greater detail.

The game is set in Conan universe. The barbaric Hyborean age was was a dog eat dog world where killing, brutality, slavery and ritual sacrifice were rampant. Conscientious objectors did not tend to get far in this world. If you are gravitating towards a game with less killing, then perhaps The Sims or Stardew Valley would be more to your tastes. The premise of the game is clearly stated both on the cover and during the opening cinematic:

Survive, Build, Dominate”.

Ok so by that logic, if I play FIFA football and do not like it, then I should not pay for or play any of the other EA games such as Star Wars, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, Dead Space, NBA, etc. :crazy_face:


Several people made some very good points about my initial and rather overly heated comment on this game.
I will admit I definitely I screwed up and I really should have checked out a lot more reviews before buying Conan Exiles. I will try to learn from this mistake.
My comment about Funcom was just that… a comment. I will mostly at least see what else they have available, but I will definitely check out the reviews of any game that catches my attention.
I just got tired of building things all staffed by slaves that really accomplished nothing in the game as far as having any influence on anything else in the game. No matter how obviously powerful my character might be to those living in sight of my base… they STILL mindlessly attack if they see you walking nearby. Even after you clear out all the hostiles they soon reappear and are just as mindlessly hostile. This pretty much makes the whole process a waste of time.


Honestly I think this is the best option. For you @VD235 I’m unsure what you play on if that’s console or PC. But depending on which you may have more or less options.

A penis joke.


Also I came back just to drop this here….

If you ever say you’re bored with this game, I swear to GOD that’s on you….

Look at this…… LOOK AT IT!

I just can’t.

They used her head…:joy::joy::smiling_face_with_tear:


I came running through a redwood forest on Isle of Siptah last year and a new player had built an AT-AT from Star Wars as their base. I regret not taking photos because it awesome. The types of builds are crazy in this game


The game is a social one for sure. Npc interactions are very limited and most of the non-aggressive elements are player driven…of course after playing for a bit you find that the most aggressive elements are also player driven but that’s a different topic. We all have horror stories of ‘hulk smash’ type of interactions but I also imagine most of us regulars have experienced more and it’s that more that drives us to continue the game…be it true artful dancing of combat, hilarious raids where a player is pushed or falls to the death, trusting someone you shouldn’t and not trusting someone you should have…clan intrigue and social backstabbing, finding that new hidden spot or a new way to build…the works.

This isn’t something like Skyrim and I would hate it being so because I have Skyrim. Why would I need another?

I would encourage you to spend just a tad more time getting to know the game and then go venture into the servers where you get the interaction you are looking for but with real people and not automatons with scripts. Just be cautious and since they are real people…don’t trust anyone at first.


This is a good answer. This game doesn’t have fetch missions or quests per se, everything is open for you to discover and it can be fun without those things.

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Combat is almost everything. Need to kill everything for resources and mats. Need to ko a npc to create a thrall. Cant open the dreggs without combat.

Combat dosent work anymore…


Have you tried Role-playing? RP servers are some of the most populated servers in this game.

That is a big abomination for me…


That’s what RP is to you? I suspect the majority of RP fanatics will disagree with this definition. I would guess the definition would be more along the lines of something like:

  • Any game where the player’s imagination can easily be imbued or projected onto the avatar - to the extent that the player can obtain an empathic relationship to the avatar and/or the environment - to such a degree that the player can proceed with original actions within that imagined or projected role. Playing a character or characterizations, assigned or assumed…

I don’t think it matters what the role is… I don’t even think it matters if the game mechanics attempt to facilitate said relationship. That particular role, environment, and/or set of mechanics might not be for you personally - but that’s a different thing having little or nothing to do with the definition of “RPG”.

I have to agree with @Tystin though, Seems like you just heard the term “RP” somewhere and purchased it blindly. I guess if you continue to do that you won’t be “inspired to pay” for anything. A little pre-purchase research is needed before you buy just about anything… certainly a game which you’re expecting to spend hours and hours playing…

BTW, i can role play this game as a total pacifist or as likely intended: A barbarian killer trying to survive in a savage kill or be killed world. Heck, I’m an ancient old white dude NOT into RP much at all, and I somewhat identify with my character - a young savage black woman trying to dominate and establish dominion over the land. So I guess someone predisposed to role playing could have a pretty easy and rich go of it.


Well truth be told FIFA is the best one you mentioned so… probably. :innocent:

If you are on PC then there are definitely modded RP servers which have NPC who give you quests, lots of dialog, merchants, the ability to purchase your own NPC merchant to sell things to other players. Even without the “Thespians” you still have the ability to be a merchant and sell things to other players, just chose what you wish to trade for and agree with the person upon the price and there you go. Build your own storefront and use the journals and notes from the base game to list what you have for sale and what prices you are looking for them.

You can change your thralls behaiviors to tell them to only “guard me” so that they will not attack anything unless you yourself are attacked first. :wink:

If you are on PC and are looking for a more Role Play experiance, I would suggest that you use the “Community” drop down box to chose RolePlaying. You can even use the Combat Mode drop down to chose All or PvE or whatever you desire. Search a few servers and see if you find one that fits you better.


In real-world defense, they will actually protect you for a set amount of time. If another player is attacking, they will amount to X minutes of resistance to invasion.

This is actually a problem I have as well. If you take over a chunk of land, the locals should either change their stance or be bent to your will. Mindlessly hostile is the right term. If NPCs could have a STANCE, it would be great.

For now, you might consider encamping near Sepermeru. They are only hostile when you are, for the most part.

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“They mostly come out at night… mostly”


I am not sure there is any survival games that are roleplaying games that you would prefer. Single player roleplaying games is probably the best way to get RPGs feel and enjoyment. Granted, some private servers probably do a great job in the RPG aspect but that is done by admins with tons of work I am sure.

Funcom’s good RPG (multiplayer) was Age of Conan. Granted its old now but had good storylines, one of the better RPGs of its time for MMORPG. ESO (not Funcom) is also another great multi-player RPG. Final Fantasy I hear is great as well, although never played it so only giving hear-say regarding that one.

All the survival games from Minecraft, Ark: Survial Evolved, Conan Exiles, Rust, Myth of Empires, Valheim, 7 Days to Die, etc. are very light on RPG elements and more suited for survival/sandbox play. These games would apparently be not your taste. Nothing wrong with each company producing these games or their other games that they produce which is not survival. To be disappointed in one game in their library to say you will not play another game from the company sounds a bit extreme. Although Funcom in this case, does not have a large library so you may not actual play another Funcom game in reality.


Whaaa!? Blasphemy I say. In fact that sounds like witch talk to me @Oduda. :laughing:


Coming from a Star Wars fan and a survival horror diehard, ala Dead Space, we will have to respectfully agree to disagree on this one. I even managed to platinum the original Dead Space: