Character altering idea!

So we all know if we do the quest line to take off the braclet our character is completely and totally deleted as they have left the exiled lands. That being said no one is going to do this as there is no trophy for doing this. Why would we waste a level 60 or so character like that? How about instead of a character being deleted it takes up back to the character creation screen. We get to change everything about our character gender hair race and so on and we re enter the game as a level 60 with all the things we had on our last character still belonging too us. Other wise we have no reason to take that bracelet off at all.


I think, first is a choice, you don’t have to go.
Starting over is bit like a new beginning. I wouldn’t have all again, where is the point, the fun ?

But of course, maybe some reward, some trophy would be nice. A little thing to remember, to show. Maybe a change in the bracelet itself ? An other stone color. Some better survival-skills at start, because we have some experience more, and know the harsh lands ?

I mean, it’s hard to make everybody happy anayway, that’s sure ! But yes, i would love the little nothing, just to remember one mal more. :blush:

I love the idea of a different bracelet, even just change up the color. Possibly get a unique hair style upon character creation, or +10 attribute points, something along those lines.

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