The Bracelet mechanic?

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I’ve recently begun playing this game and am really enjoying it, but there are some things that really doesn’t make sense, not even from a game design perspective - the bracelet mechanic, makes absolutely no sense to have in the game, because you have no incentive for doing so, other than completing the game, which permanently kills your character. Which essentially means, we’re all working towards achieving killing and permanently deleting our character and thus our progress. It should be quite obvious why it’s a really bad idea. I think it would be much better to remove the part about it deleting the character when removing the bracelet, UNTIL something that can reasonably justify permanently deleting the character is implemented - like for instance increasing the level cap, rewarding increased starting attribute points. There needs to be an incentive, without the incentive, there is absolutely NO reason what so ever for removing it. Even having it in the game menu, is a bad idea, because not only does it lead to confusion but also players loosing their characters and their progress for being curious. Devs, you really should ask yourself - “Why would I remove the bracelet, when there is no reward for doing so?” but more importantly - “Why design the game about the end goal - to permanently delete ones character, when there is NO incentive other than to complete the game?”

Are there any plans to add any reward or incentive for removing the bracelet?



Some of live there. We will do everything but leave. Number 26 will never be checked.

It is said: It is not the destination that counts, but the journey there.

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Turns quitting a game into leaving a game.
The fairest goodbye and a fitting closure to one’s experience.
It is a ritual of closure that honors all that you have achieved into memory without the sour feeling of having “failed” to maintain your assets.

It is also narratively genius, because humans aren’t stupid… if they wanna get out of this shyte-hole they would. But only those who are as strong as players are, can do so…

Which is why NPC’s are always weaker than players, because they have never been tested by the ritual.

Furthermore, it brings into perspective if one really wants to leave a lawless place? Is strife a human desire?

This right here. Conan exiles is at its core a pvp survival game, but unlike most games of the genre there’s quite a bit of PvE and other content to explore, ultimately ending at some point. So when you’re ready to walk away from the exiled lands, you can do it in a way that does more for you than just alt+f4 and saying you’re too bored to continue.

It’s a matter of giving players a choice. We can survive, build and dominate for as long as we want to, or we can play the “story” as exiled people who want to return to their old lives. It’s not a very long or complicated story, but it’s there, written into the context of the game world as a way to “complete” the game.

It’s no different from any game end, honestly. Whether it’s Super Mario or Dragon Age, eventually you’ll save the world, marry the princess, receive your half of the kingdom and live happily ever after. Start rolling the end credits.

And then you can go on to write some fan fiction about your character having a word with Thoth-Amon after returning to the civilization…

Consider it, if you made the decision to remove the bracelet - for whatever reason, your character and savegame would be permanently gone, but say you decided to come back to the game after some time, then you’d have to start all over. Most sandbox games, offers the option to keep playing after you’ve actually completed the game, and there is absolutely no reason why it should be any different with this game. There is litterally no other reason to remove the bracelet than to having successfully completed the game, which means you lose all of your progress. And if you were to do in the context of a multiplayer game, you’d have even less reason to remove the bracelet.

Completing the game which means you delete your savegame permanently is in my opinion beyond stupid - no offense, because it actually is just that. Because there is litterally no point in doing that UNLESS you know 100% that you won’t be coming back to the game EVER again - in which case you could just stop playing and uninstall the game completely including deleting the savegame. It doesn’t matter what you call, it doesn’t change what it essentially is - deleting your save game, permanently. So whether you feel it honors your time spent and what you have achieved, or if it somehow gives you closure. In fact, it actually makes you ULTIMATELY fail in maintaining all of your achived ingame assets, because it DESTROYS all of them in one go, by deleting your savegame permanently.

I maintain the position, that there should be an actual reward, an incentive for choosing to remove the bracelet when one has gotten all of the required items, to be able to do it successfully.


One day man will be confronted with the choice of immortality, judging by the recent advances in CAS-9/CRISPR and genetics.

To the more religious death seems to be the relief of a long journey like some sort of rite of passage to greener pastures worthy of one’s proof of integrity and good will.

To the more rational, age is a disease that needs to be cured.

Some argue that an end is either a closure or a loss. It depends on the person.

A party is what you make of it.

CE is no exception. I for one would rather choose my end and say my fairwells, then have a particularly long vacation and bad ping, or a timer bug on Funcom’s end to be the end of my empire.

Without spoilers, this is how you finish the game? Take bracelet away? As far as story and progression goes in this game, what is the “point of no return”? I’m nowhere near finishing but would like to know so I can avoid it until I’m ready. When you finish the game I assume you lose all your houses and slaves.

You wana know what’s great about having an end to the game ? It alow Speedrun^^

Sure the cinematic NEED a revamp but hey, the magic about it is that it’s optional, and therefore player create their own purpose around it.

Solo/Coop have a goal to aim at
Roleplay server can use it to create content
Pvp can capture enemy in order to fully “kill” them whith that

How is this different from completing any other game? I mean, Fallout had an ending, after which I couldn’t keep playing the game. So did Mass Effect. And Turrican. And, in fact, most games. There’s an end to the story. You don’t have to complete any game, you can keep grinding forever (as long as the game has respawning enemies/resources and no built-in time limit, that is), but for the vast majority of the time, sooner or later you’ll want to finish it. And once you finish a game, and want to play it again, you’re going to start from the beginning. Or I guess you could just load a previous save and just fight the end boss and “complete” the game again. Most games give you absolutely no reward for completing them.

The same goes with Conan Exiles. Once you complete the game, you’ll have to start over. That’s how games work. The difference is that you could keep playing Conan Exiles until you’ve turned the whole Exiled Lands into New York City or Cybertron, without needing to complete the story.

Yes, there are some games that have a “New Game +” option, where you gain advantages to a new playthrough after completing the game, but that’s by no means the standard. It’s basically for games you need to play more than once to fully explore it, because your choices will open certain paths and close others. You don’t need that for Conan Exiles - you can fully experience everything in one go.

Completing the game and starting over for Conan Exiles is something people actually do. Some people with too much time in their hands complete the game, start over, complete the game again, etc. The option exists for them. Maybe it’s not for you. But then, you don’t need to complete the game if you want to keep playing. You’re going to miss, what? A single short animation you could watch on Youtube.

At some point, you’ve seen it all and done it all in Conan Exiles. You can continue playing the max level character with the best available gear - but some people desire a sense of achievement, something to strive for. Some people want to start from scratch because they want to feel that sense of achievement again.

As always, remember that not everyone thinks like you. Don’t ask to remove something others may enjoy simply because you don’t see a point in it.

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