Motivation for players to remove their bracelets

What type of reward would encourage you to “finish” the game without being OP. For example, a player who removes the bracelet and rejoins the same server gets bonus feat points, which are cumulative so that the more times you escape, the more points you accumulate, eventually allowing players to unlock all the feats at the same time. This reward could have a settings slider associated with it so that the admin could allow more or less points per escape with a range from 5-25.

What would it take to get you to recreate your character?

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I think this is a good idea, a point of interest to replay, like in oder games like Diablo 2 - where you play through different diffyculties.
But for that reason is Our server in a molding process to be more like an mmo.
We players need a more longtime motivation, more possibilities like magic, mounts, and i know about the technical streaming issues. Time to solve it YOU SMART FUNCOM GYS!
we believe in you!

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Restarting in desert would be fine with me… or simply add 5 levels to cap, up to 75 or so. So you only do it 2 or 3 times.

Thou as actual award? New clothes, light, med and hvy armors recipes. Proof of the deed.

Statue or some other item to slap in yard, “Ya, I left…and came right back”


A placeable statue of the PC who escaped, to be worshipped by future generations (not really, while it’d be fun it would be a ton of work for very little benefit).

Basically I’m just following this thread because I think a good, not-OP solution to this could add a ton of replayability. Like, right now I have most of the items needed for the deed stashed away, but I have absolutely no incentive to move forward with it. Like, why?

Problem with anything power-related like attribute points or levels is that it’d probably be a piece of cake to “powerlevel” through a few cycles of that for clans, and we’d be right back where we started.


Something like ARK: Survival Evolved’s Ascension system?

Clearing the game once gave the player Gamma rank which added 5 levels to the cap getting it to 85 and increased the game’s difficulty, clearing again gave Beta, adding another 5 levels, getting to 90 and further increasing the difficulty, lastly, the third clear gave Alpha rank, giving 10 levels to the cap increasing to 100, and giving the difficulty one last boost.

Problem with Ascension though was that it deleted the character you used to clear the game, forcing you to start from scratch on a higher difficulty.

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Whatever the reward, I think it would add a whole new level of strategy to the clan system, because every player would want the reward, but the clan would be crippled if too many people went at the same time.

I think the change in the meta would be interesting.

Yeah that’s a good point on PvP servers where the relative strength of one clan vs another matters, I suppose. Still, the shift in power from numbers online / allied clans is surely much bigger than X players momentarily resetting to lvl 1 (with enough stockpiles you can powerlevel to level 60 in a pretty short time just from crafting I believe, though to be fair I never bothered doing it myself).

Anyway, don’t let my worry that this won’t last long for established clans (the ones who need it the most) make it sound like I don’t think there should be some sort of point to completing the journey.


I hear you. The problem is, what reward would entice a player to complete the journey without breaking the system. That’s why I suggested feat points. Starting the game with a pool of points would be helpful, but by the endgame all it really does is reduce the mass consumption of yellow lotus potions.

I don’t know if that would be motivation enough, but anything would be more interesting than what happens now. Btw, I think all the other suggestions are great too. Gear, a statue that provides a buff, or a bump to the level cap. Just something that gives people a real reason to gather the items of power and finish the “main quest”.

Does it even qualify to be called the main quest if nobody ever does it? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

never played ark, What i saw in trailer and what saw in streams was so vastly different, I didnt give it a chance, specailly after watching people make constant horror shows for charcters… lol

To me, it would just teleport you back to desert, and add recipes etc, or you pop up at lv60 (or w/e level you were at) and walk back home able get 5 more levels.

Nothing fancy, no need delete character, inless they want to. (long as someone is in clan, there good)

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This one is always hard, because the most enticing reward would be stat based buffs, but then that would kill new players coming into a server. I think in one similiar post, i put together a couple of kdeas, the main to would balance the OP stats of server settlers by allowing to transfer a level 60 directly over to a new one.

IE when you remove bracelet, you get 15 extra att points (not a huge advantage 405 v 390), x number of extra feat points (and lets you buy 5 levels ahead of time), or you can transfer a level 60 to the same type of server ( ex PvP to PVP only). The feat and att points would be given at beginnig, essentially starting you with 1 perk or recipe.

You would have an icon (hopefully not causing lag :wink: ) by your id. letting people know you have completed the game on the server.

After completeing the game three times on one server, you could have bonus feats and atts, and then jump servers (losing the bonus feats and stats, those are server based only)

And for aesthetics, you get a special cosmetic looking armor ( armor stats on par with highest in the same category, light, med, heavy) that you can make 1 time on each restart (when you hit level 60), and give it a + 9 on stat of your choice, along with temp setting of you choice, + heat, + cold, or none. This armor can be looted as well on servers that allow looting.

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Yep i was able to power level to level 60 in a few hours after beating the game and rejoining the clan (my clan that i started lol)

I think the additional levels would be cool, and conans armor from in game. Maybe just a max of five additional levels.

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Might be fun to have a new area to explore that is ONLY accessible after removal of the bracelet.


Oh, right! Like the area Arcos the Wanderer mentions that the bracelets have different colored jewels. That would be really cool. Intro to Exiles Vol. 2 perhaps? :joy:

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But. Why would you ever want to leave in the first place. My character was exiled for enciting a riot, causing political styfe and stealing fruit from a merchant. Or some nonsense.

Now I don’t need to steal fruit. I can have meals made for me in my palacial estate with enough servants to entertain and work for me.

I have castles. Stores. Giant statues. Gold. The finest silk. Furnature, delux fridge freezer combo units. I literally have everything and anything I have ever wanted. Including amazing fashions!

Sure the land is brutal and harsh. But its like a hot tub. It’s sort of uncomfortable in the beginning but you get used to it.

Add some nude dancer thralls and some cocktails and boom you got paradise.



Maybe you want to get home to your family… or kill the mother–cker who exiled you in the first place…


I think any attribute / feat bonus would be unfair for many players. But some cosmetic rewards like a statue or new armor (with same stats of available ones but different models) would be nice.

One thing that could make the challenge more interesting for PvP servers: make the items that you need to be free limited per server and show where that item is on the map (which clan holds it and where they store it) so the whole server would be on a relic hunt.

In my current server we have 2 mega clans that coexist peacefully and have no interest in fighting each other rather than for pure fun. However, the artifact hunt could ignite a new rivalry.

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My family probably sucked. I mean. I was stealing fruit or something. Obviously if I was inciting a riot there must be some turmoil at home which I needed to politially overthrow.

I mean Conan lore is rich with tyrants.

I now live on a giant cliffside manor. With my thrall friends and my clan mates. We share food, I make clothes. I have allies and friends and super amazing white tiger’s.

I live in peace and harmony. Except for cannibals. They suck.

But praise Yog!

I am a happy goose.


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