Rebirth system (end game)

This is a tricky one as it could impact unknown future funcom contents …so limitation would have to applied. The limits I pick are just for examples.

People have been disappointed with the end game, removal of bracelet. Now I’m sure funcom will add more uses for the artifacts, or at least mods will (but I like my official servers).
Right now, removing the bracelet seems pointless (almost like more was planned, but didn’t make the deadline, and he we are)

So, to give it a basic meaning, we could have a rebirth system. Nothing over powered, but rewarding over time.

Imagine that, if you did the endgame quest, you then get a rebirth point for any new character you make with a limit of 10 (to protect future level cap rises, serve local points).

This is not game changing on a large scale, but a reward of a point each time would start to have a nice effect at the 3/4 run. Starting a new player and having 3 points to spend from level one. And once you have done this 10 time (if you’re willing), that’s 10 extra attribute points… that’s a build changing amount, but not to over powered (get you that extra low level perk or two).

Rebirth is where you reset your player at and end game to start from new, with a bonuses.


They need to do something w the end game…why would I remove the bracelet at the end? To lose everything and have to restart? Brutal mechanic, is that somehow supposed to be rewarding? C’mon Funcom…think on it.

Here is the solution, Place dungeons and stuff to do out side the ghost fence. Got to complete main story line to access mega death metal dungeon out in the middle of the western desert with the Mega death metal end game set temple dungeon that the sand storms keep coming from. That’s the first idea that came across my mind.

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Its written there that they’re working on improving the ending.

Stripping our character of game progress and start anew is just wrong on so many levels because this is a game and there is no actual world outside of the game world so the story has to be resolved around the available game world.

My 2 cents would be to add a little backstory that our exile has freed himself/herself but liking the Exile Land and decided to stay, and since the bracelet is like the mark of an exile and has its use for fast travel using obelisk, our exile has to still have access to it, so instead of wearing it as a bracelet, the gem is pried out and put on a pendant and be worn as a necklace. It can be used to distinguish players, if we see someone wearing a necklace instead of a bracelet that means he has beaten the game.

If the dev is feeling generous for their players, can also add a bit of game content beyond the cursed wall as incentive for players to finish the game, nothing major and nothing that gives too much advantage, just pure cosmetics or minor like cooking recipe/exotic pets/new decors/emotes/etc. So, beyond the cursed wall, we can actually contact the outside world, there are friendly NPC camps there, most of them are traders, we can buy/learn something from them. Add rare pets in the area or rare pets bought from npc, or both. New armor/clothes. It has to be tempting enough to motivate players to finish the game.


Even ark which, let’s face it cannot hold a candle to this game, had the ability to progress at end of each world and reward was simple increase to levels.

Here I think an ability to increase level to 65 then 70 allowing it to be done only 2 times would be enough of a reward. The idea of a couple of dungeons outside the fence and maybe a little spot for farming done stuff would be cool and a worthwhile vip for completing the grueling task. Also once removing bracelet first time could allow access to these then to progress to level 65 include same process but require the o e item from outer dungeons. Then to progress to 70 require both items from outer dungeons and make those dungeons hard ■■■ bosses with very very strong monsters.

Just my two cents but it should be done soon before players start dropping due to nothing to do and no reason to complete the end quest. I have already been seeing and hearing a lot more discussion going that way at this point j bthe games life cycle it could be what dictates gamer retention

Unfortunately I am already finished with this game. To many issues, lack of content ( I dont care about esthetic dlc money grab crap ) . As for the end game, wow, they are working on it? Wtf ? Going back to Ark, later Exiles and good luck w this broken game. Maybe they will be able to fix for the future, but that is a tale for another time…pun intended. Nuff said.

Problem with that idea are the slots, you cant wear any necklace in this game, or you would need put it as helmet or else.

Maybe a simple change in the bracelet would do the trick, changing it bit, colors of the gem, maybe an other metal, and yes, maybe a skill-point more at start of a new toon would be fine for many people as add to.

So you have the visual fact to show to other players, and the perk for your personal new start.

I was about to sugest the same thing, a rebirth system when complete the remove bracelet quest. This is so needed to add a purpose and useful meaning to a character after reach the level 60. This sure keep players in the game.
My idea is after complete the “remove bracelets quest” you reborn with a “+1” reborn count status. So your next character will gain +X skills points and attributes points at leveling where X is the normal amount plus reborn count). You can limit the rebirth count, or add less skil/attributes points.
Please, ■■■■■■, do this.

Having more attribute points can screw even more the balance, everyone would keep rushing to finish the game for that.