Suggestion for End game mechanic

Three ways to use The end Game mechanic:

  1. I have a suggestion to tie end game to hopping servers…
    Every time you finsih end game, you get a token in you conan account. This token can be cashed in to start you at level 40 on anther server. This would speed up the grind, and allow people who are on dead servers to move without having to grind the lowest levels.

  2. Start at level 30, and use the token and get a permanent 1st perk in one ability, gain a T4 crafter skill (flawless epic armor, weapon, craft time, etc.) or permanent legendary weapon (cannot be wielded or looted by someone without the perk. Have a special one of each type, and allow you to choose 1 from those.
    Can have all three areas from cashing in multiple times (and can change each category every time you complete after that).

  3. Cash in to gain favor of the different cities. They will not attack you, and you can use them as safe house when necessary. You cannot kill them either, but trade with a merchant in the city. You can still knock them out if needing thralls:).

Just my thoughts on giving a reason to start anew.

A decent implementation of the end game almost like prestiging. The permanent boost might become overpowering maybe secret blueprints for gear besides some of the legendaries?

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yeah, the perk seems like a lot, but what i was thinking of is it really only being prespent permanent 15 points, on a chosen stat, and you still have to spend the other 390 as usual. you could with armor and potions could max out only 2 stats, with nothing on any of the others. I though of it as a way to counter a bunch of new level 40’s just popping in to your home server, as well as reward the OG’s of the server a bit.

Compounding or one time bonus for that go through? It is great concept brings more replay value.

You get the “token” when you do the end game, and can spend it on any of the three prestige slots. And can fill 1 of the slots each time. 3 go throughs allows for you to have all three slots. if you beat it a 4th time, then you can swap out the perk of one if you want. They also don’t carry over to a new server. So in theory i could have permanent 1 perk str after 1st play thru, a cool legacy weapon (new special weapons) after 2nd play thru, and a special thrall skill after a 3rd play thru. Then beat it a 4th time and maybe change the perma stat str to perma vit, or use the token on new character on another server to start at 40. And then go thru that server multiple times, and do this for as long as i want, on different servers. Would work on all officials, and any privates that toggled it on.

One final edit…if staying on the same server, you start at LVL 1, but with 3 x the servers normal EXP to help you level quickly.

Maybe have a moniker or symbol next to toon name that signals how many times you beat the game o nthe server.

  1. Barbarian–sword
  2. King—crown
  3. God—God Symbol of your chosen religion when you started.

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