End Game NEEDS to change

There is a part of this game, that does not make sense at all. The end game. I think it might been a big misstake or game designe fault right now.

The goal of this game, is to end the game right now. And not engage players, to keep playing it.

This just happened to me, i lost all interest in the game, in a blink of an eye. The reason here is, due how the layer of this game is presented. Me and my friend are explorers. So, we explored the game pretty fast in a way. Before we where lvl 60, we had found all the best gear, tools, what so ever… We had silent legion learned around lvl 50. so the day after, we where lvl 60, and we notice. We have all the gear, all the tools… what are we going to do then? only thing we lacked when we hit lvl 60 was, the 2 pieces to take off the bracelett.

Ive played games like this for years, but this one, was verry good leveling wise, but the worst ive seen as an ending. So how u can change this, is to engage the players at lvl 60 in a different way.

my suggestion to this, that can work… is to remove all the recepies to the last end gear from the dungeon. Make items drop. So players can have somthing to farm. The curve needs a different way to.

Either u need to make silent legion gear less powerfull, and add more dmg and more armor into the open world drops- Like the world bosses. We had end game gear at lvl 50, and its then u understand somthing is wrong in the game.

The stuff that drops in the chests needs to be more powerfull. Its called Legendary, and the legendary stuff that u get, is less powerfull then u do at low lvl. So u can beat bosses at max lvl to get the good stuff… not have the good stuff, and dont have anything to farm after u hit max lvl. It was super turn off, and it totaly killed the game for me. I was expecting to beat world bosses, find legendary items more powerfull then what i found at lvl 50, to do the end dungeons for getting the best gear in the game. So all i have to do now, is to grab the 2 last pieces to end the game. that is no way a game should end. The fact that the game has not even a cinematic on the end, and u end up in ur character creation again… is no way to end a game either. The loot system was verry poor made, and a even more poor way to end a game. Here is ur atchivement, make a new character lvl again? I whould love to see everyone find that fun. Was a super empty feeling, and it gave me a bad wibe to the whole game. So this needs to change.

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This game is not suppose to be like world of Warcraft… At least this is what i think… Is a sandbox, is a survival, with PvP, and possibility to have more maps, more stuff… If the game start to follow the same grind/Farm fórmula of all other games i Will stop playing… maybe things are a little too fast, but the game is not made for the minority that plays 12h per day …

Cant compare world of warcraft and this together. There is no game, out there either that ends so fast as this game. i whould say compare it to ark… Its a copy of it in a way. Even they have a grind to the game, to get to the end game. Somthing to do when u have reached max level. They have most of what this game have. I have 700 hours in that game. Not even close to beat it. It has a difficulty curve to it, that works. They dont give the end game gear at low lvl. u need to go into the dungeons REALY prepared. And work ur way up to the top. Sandbox of this game is fine. But not how the designe to how the difficulty scales. Or how things work. I whould rather see players put 1000 of hours into this game. and not try to end it… If u knew what to do, u can do a playtrough in less of a day. And that is not fun, it killes the game. So if they changed the loot design of the game. They could have had players for many more hours… playing there game, enjoying em selfs. Try to atchive new goals. It is so important to games made the last years. And i bet they want to have there players to. So i try to encourage a better way to solve the endgame. To keep players busy with the game, that they have spent many years on. Be a shame that u play it for a week and ur done and forgotten. The bracelett should not have quit the game… it should have been a thing, where they can unlock new content in the future, if they plan of doing that. Not send you to make a new character, and do it all over again. Or make u go further on with the leveling. and unlock a harder mode of the game.

I agree, there needs to be more end-game to keep the PvE players engaged.
For PvP, I don’t know, or care.

I’m not bored yet but I know it won’t take too long with the way things are at the moment.
I come from Ark as well, having thousands of hours in PvE - Over 2,300 according to Steam.

So u have the craving to for the game. So u want to see the same in this game right?

Something similar, perhaps.